Mess-free Crafting with Kids

Crafting with kids requires some planning if parents want to avoid the mess that comes along with the fun.

mess-free crafting
photo: pixabay
Children adore art crafts. Whether it is making paper flowers, making sculptures or painting, it is always fun and a great way for children to express their creativity. If you are about to embark on such an adventure with your kids, take your time and organise the process of crafting from the beginning to the end. In this way, you will be able to spend valuable time with your children without spending hours cleaning later.
Here is a step by step guide for a mess-free crafting with kids

Prepare the working place

Start with moving the working table far away from the furniture, the carpet and the walls. This will help you avoid any paint sprinkles. In order to protect the floor from spills, cover it with old sheeting. After that, cover the table with a thick tablecloth as well. Let your children sit on high chairs that are easy to wipe and cover their clothes with smocks.

Bring out the necessary supplies

Once the crafting area is prepared, it is time to bring out the necessary tools. If you need to place any glasses with water or other substances on the table, make sure they are staying far away from the corners. Arrange the working materials in a convenient way, it is advisable that the containers are close at hand. This is a significant part of avoiding a mess. Your kid should have enough of free working space, which means fewer spills.

Observe and clean on the go

As you are also part of the crafting, when necessary navigate your kids. When a container is empty and won’t be used anymore, remove it from the crafting area right away. If you notice any sprinkles, wipe them as well. Remember that crafting is supposed to be fun and don’t tell your kids to be careful and let them enjoy their time. Keep a wet cloth near at hand and wipe the necessary areas.

Keep the crafting session short

As kids quickly lose interest, make the crafting short and pleasant. The shorter it is, the less the possibility for a mess. Once your children start drolling, it means they are no longer amused by what they are doing. This may result in painting their hands and leaving hand prints around the room or sprinkling with water. Observe your kids and when you notice that they become distracted, it means that it is time to put an end to the crafting activity.

Escort your children to the bathroom

When fun time is over, it is time for washing your kids’ hands and maybe faces. Make sure they hands are completely clean. You won’t like it if turns out that your favourite armchair is painted. While you are cleaning the crafting area, let the kids stay out of the room. Take your time and carefully remove the sheeting and the tablecloth. Wipe the chairs to remove any spills and put the used materials in the sink.
For many parents crafting is linked with extensive cleaning later and therefore they prefer to leave it to the teachers in the kindergarten. Yet, it is a wonderful way to spend time together as a family. Next time when your kids are exploring their creativity, just follow these steps and you will decrease the possibility for a mess to minimum. Crafting should be fun not only for the children but also for you. With planning, attention and supervision, you will avoid the big cleaning after.

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