DIY Project Ideas with Storage Crates

Storage crates lend themselves beautifully to a variety of DIY projects, adding a rustic touch to your home while also being incredibly practical.

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What’s more, reusing storage crates for your own DIY projects is highly environmentally friendly, affordable and accessible – you might even have a crate lying around the house that you could repurpose right now!

Wall Storage

Using storage crates to create a statement wall storage unit is a very popular DIY that you’ll see all over the internet. Simply paint and stain your crates as you see fit and add some brackets to secure it into your wall. This can be customised to your unique needs, meaning you can add just one storage crate to your bedroom wall or create a whole feature wall in the living room for your entire family’s storage needs.


This idea takes a little bit of assembly but is well worth it if you love the rustic look. Simply stack two lots of two crates on top of each other and place a wooden board on top as the surface of your desk. If wanting a little more structural integrity, use brackets to secure your desk. The space in the crates doubles as storage, giving you a truly functional desk space. If you find the dark colour of the wood too moody for your home office, try painting or staining it to a more appropriate shade.

Simple Storage Crate

Want to keep your blankets, cushions, and remotes out of the way yet within easy reach of the couch? Or place your children’s toys out of sight but easily accessible? A crate is all you need! Embellish it, stain it or even wrap it in a beautiful fabric to make it a more attractive décor item, and use it to stow away random clutter around the home. You could even add wheels to your storage crate to make it especially accessible and versatile!

Fruit and Vegie Stand

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Need a fruit basket with a twist? Simply stack a couple of small wooden crates on top of each other or elevate them by adding legs to get a simple, functional fruit and vegie stand. You can even add chalkboard labels for a truly rustic touch.

Coffee Table

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Those who truly want to make their rustic style the centrepiece of their room can combine a few wooden crates to create a functional coffee table. Try putting them in different orientations to create a unique design and allow yourself plenty of under-table storage. Use the gap in the centre of the table to add flowers, candles or other décor items.

TV Stand

To complement your wooden crate coffee table, try using a few more wooden crates to create a functional, handy TV stand. Stack four crates and fill them with flowers, books, and décor items to make your TV stand both practical and visually appealing.

Bar Stool

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Need a cheap outdoor seating option that can stand up to the elements? Try turning the pile of wooden crates you have in your backyard into bar stools! Secure them with brackets and add cushions or other seats on top for a hardwearing, simple seating option.

Bar Cart

If you’ve got bar stools, you’ll need a bar cart to match! Arrange numerous small wooden storage crates to create multiple compartments for all your different beverages and glassware. Make sure to secure your bar cart with brackets.

Drawers/Beside Table

Wooden storage crates can also be easily utilised as a chest of drawers or bedside table. Simply stack as many crates as you need for the number of belongings you need to store – you may just need one storage crate! If you would like to elevate this DIY, use a large crate as the frame of your chest of drawers and slot in two smaller crates to act as the drawers. Paint, stain, and varnish to your desired look.

Open Kitchen Shelving

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Open kitchen shelving is all the rage these days, being an easy way to access your kitchen supplies while showing off all your beautiful jars, packets and cookware. Scatter the wooden crates around your kitchen wall for a casual, farmhouse feels and arrange your belongings in your desired way.

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