How Bicycling Could Help Women to Be a Better Mother?

How bicycling could help women to be a better mother?

bicycling and motherhood
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Yes, you have heard it right. Bicycle certainly can improve the mother in you. But how can a means of transport – which consists of two wheels, a frame, pedals, and handlebars – improve your motherly skills? Well, my friend, have patience. I am here to inform you about all that stuff.

Cycling can play a great role in the upbringing of a child and help you to become a better mother. But, Remember, there are countless ways how cycling can help you to become a better mother, and here I have listed a handful of them for your convenience.

1. Makes Your Bond Strong with The Child

The bond that we share with our kids is naturally strong, but there’s no harm in it to make it stronger, and cycling can help us in achieving that goal. By cycling together, you can build a connection with your kids which will go a long way to help you understand your kid better and consequently become a better mother to your child.

If your child is a toddler, then you can put him in the bike seat, and take him to the interesting places of your vicinity. Or, if he is old enough to ride a cycle, then make him your riding partner and go wandering through the city together. These rides will certainly bring you closer to your child and will make your relationship stronger than ever.

2. Prevents Your Child from Being Overweight

Believe it or not, one among every three children in America is overweight, and this leaves them susceptible to various fatal diseases such as heart attack, sleep apnoea, and diabetes. Although as a mother we are naturally inclined to go easy on our child, we should, for the sake of our child, do whatever it takes to prevent our child from being obese.

Now, cycling offers the best solution for this problem. For, despite being a fun activity, it helps us to reduce our weight by burning our calories. Furthermore, you can make bicycle the medium of your child’s transport to the school or take him up to the mountains for mountain biking. These kinds of activities will certainly help your child to lose weight and combat the weight problem.

3. Healthy Entertainment for Kids

Nowadays most of the kids prefer PlayStation or Xbox to outdoor activities, and this leads them to become inactive and overweight. However, cycling presents them a healthy alternative to all these indoor games. Moreover, they can cycle through the neighborhood in the company of their friend, and this allows them to both enjoy their time and make their body fitter.

4. Quality Family Time

Due to our busy and hectic lifestyle, we often don’t get to spend enough time with our children. But through cycling, we can change the scenario and spend some quality time our kid while having fun. For instance, you can take him to a restaurant or in a park for a family picnic during the weekend. The time you spend together will allow him to become more open and friendly with you.

5. Improves the Fitness

It is not possible to overestimate the importance of fitness, and cycling can help your child to gain just that. The health benefits of cycling are numerous, as they help to maintain a high level of oxygen in your circulatory system, combat cardiac problems, and reduces the risk of chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes. Besides, it also aids in increasing your metabolic rates and aerobic capacity.

6. Releases Stress

The duties of a mother are numerous and often makes life stressful. And when you are stressed, it becomes quite difficult for you to perform responsibilities, which are required of a mother. At this time cycling for an hour or two will do you a world of good since no other sport is as stress buster as bicycling (at least for me). Thus, whenever you get frustrated with your life, get your bicycle out, and start cycling. I’m sure, that will render your mind serene and enable you to become a better mother to your child.

7. Gives Protection Against Heart Diseases

Along with its other lucrative perks, cycling also serves the purpose of protecting our body against cardiovascular diseases. Believe me, you don’t want to suffer from cardiac ailments such as high blood pressure, heart attack or stroke, and pass the rest of your days in pain. For this reason, you should take care of your heart and cycling will help you in this regard.

A person who does cycling regularly has less chance of suffering from heart problems than people who don’t do cycling regularly. A recent study, which was carried out by the Purdue University of Indiana has revealed that regular cycling reduces the risk of heart problems by a remarkable fifty percent. Therefore, to preserve the health of both your kid and yourself from these deadly diseases start cycling daily along with your child. And if you currently don’t own a bike and looking for one, then here is a list of best women’s cruiser bikes, which you should check out.

To summarise, cycling is an activity that will certainly improve you as a mother, and once you have taken up cycling, you will realize the improvements. Thus, I implore you to start cycling from today onwards, so that you could become a better mother to your child sooner than later.

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