Transforming a Garage into a Playroom

How to transform a garage into a playroom that your kids will adore?

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A garage can serve many a wonderful purpose, from storing your trusty metal steed, to acting as a certified man-cave, or simply being a DIY workshop where you can pretend to be a handyman to your heart’s content. However, it can also become your kids’ new favourite place to spend time playing and dreaming up new worlds.

After all, why let them tear the house down when they can have a completely separate space outside they can wreck on a daily basis? Here is how you can transform your garage into a playroom your kids will adore.

Clear the clutter and repaint the walls

The first thing you want to do before you start bringing in all of the playing essentials, is to declutter the garage thoroughly, making sure you inspect every nook and crevice. Be sure you throw, give away, or sell everything you don’t need or haven’t used in the past six months.

Once the setting is clean and clutter-free, you can start repainting the interior, giving the beat-up walls a well-deserved fresh coat of paint. If you have a boy and a girl, it might be hard to paint the garage to everyone’s liking, so be sure to settle on a mutually beneficial design beforehand with the kids.

Let the sunshine in

Allowing plenty of natural light to permeate the new playroom throughout the day is essential in bringing the design to life and allowing your kids to enjoy hours of unobstructed playtime. While keeping the garage door open while the kids are in there will help in supplying the room with healthy sunshine, you also want to install new windows so that the room can receive light throughout the day.


kids playroom


Don’t forget to introduce ample artificial lighting as well, as it will allow the indefatigable little devils to continue playing well after the night has replaced the day. To make the setting more magical, opt for warm coned or lantern lighting on the walls and even let them drape from the ceiling.

Introduce kid-friendly flooring

Thinking about the safety and functionality of the floor is essential in a kids’ playroom, especially because garage floors are usually made of hard concrete. Not only can concrete become damaged and worn out over time, but it can also pose a hazard for kids in case they slip and fall.

To take care of these problems, be sure you first apply protective concrete floor sealers to the surface in order to safeguard the floor from damage, spills, and falls. After that, cover them up with colorful area rugs or even rubber matting for added protection and child safety.

Create a multifunctional space

It’s no secret that kids get bored pretty easily, especially if they are not provided with ample physical and mental stimulation in various forms. Therefore, if you want your kids to truly enjoy their time in their new playroom and remain mentally occupied throughout the day, you need to create a multifunctional space.

You can achieve this easily by dedicating several areas of the garage to different activities. The possibilities are numerous, and you can introduce a mini obstacle course, a small kids’ gym, a creativity nook, a reading area, etc. Be sure to ask your kids about the features they would love their new playroom to have.


kids playroom


Think about the necessary safety features

Finally, it’s important that you complement the protected floors with numerous other safety features that will ensure your kids have a great time without you having to worry or constantly watch over them. To that end, avoid installing elements and features with sharp edges and be sure to smoothen out any existing sharp corners as well.

Another great addition is to mount a camera or two that you can hook up to your smartphone. That way, you can keep a close eye on your kids without having to be physically present at all times. Enforce a strict rule about sharp objects as well and even consider fencing off the garage area so that the kids wouldn’t be able to run out on the street.

The garage can play a multitude of roles, however there is not a design concept quite as rewarding as transforming it into a kids’ playroom. If you follow these essential steps, you will have no problem creating a beautiful playroom your kids will adore.

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