How to Organize Space to Inspire Healthy Habits

How to organize space to inspire healthy habits and productivity?

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Well-organised space is the basis for inheriting the healthy habits in your household. Every family has its own schedules and arrangements, but certain things are mutual for all. This includes planning your space according to rules proven to boost productivity and promote a nourishing lifestyle.

Adopting healthy habits early on in the childhood will stick to your children and they will transfer them to their kids, too. Every room has its appropriate setting and the most adaptable design. Today’s trends offer a solution which tends to bring out the maximum out of the room without hindering its purpose.

If you want to be the part of this healthy movement, check out these tips how to do it effortlessly for optimum living conditions. In no time, your family will accept the new habits and approach their lifestyle from the more self-responsible viewpoint.

  • Neat and tidy kitchen

The kitchen is the place where you take care of your family through food preparation and ingredients you use. So in a way, it’s the space to start building the healthy habits and transferring them to your children. It doesn’t have to be only through food and state of the art appliances, but also in the manner you organise the space.

One of the nice habits is promoting the family values on your fridge. You can do this by hanging pictures of your family members and loved ones. Also, placing letter magnets is a nice way for your kids to leave you messages. Hanging your kids’ drawings in the kitchen is somewhat a tradition and you can use a nice cork board to hang them in one place.

Besides nourishing these family values, you can also help your family members inherit some responsible behaviour. This also especially applies to the children since they will need more time to learn such actions. Leave a jug of water on the countertop so everyone would be reminded to hydrate regularly. Additionally, a fruit bowl will have the same effect and even remind you to chop some apples or peel the oranges for your kids as well as yourself.

  • Invite the positive energy in your living room

The living room is the perfect place to build positive energy. Free the windows from any dark materials obscuring the sunlight and let it open up space. Lighter and pastel wall colours will create a relaxing atmosphere and have a calming effect after the long day.

Make sure that the furniture pieces are not too close to each other so you and your kids can move more freely. Children usually like to use coffee table for drawing or snuggle with you on the sofa, so prepare some blankets and cushions for them. Place oxygen-producing houseplants around the room to purify the air and bring freshness to your living room.  

  • A calming bedrooms

All bedrooms in your home must serve for sleeping so your family can have a good night’s sleep. Having an 8-hour sleep cycle is important for rejuvenation, immunity, brain function and metabolic processes like growing. Don’t allow any devices like smartphones and tablets in your children’s bedrooms so they would learn to respect the time when they go to bed and sleeping time.

To teach them more responsible behaviour, ask them to clean their rooms from top to bottom at least once a month. Demonstrate eco-friendly behaviour through organizing rubbish pickup and recycling. Keeping their rooms tidy will teach them to better use and organise their space and habits.

  • Turn your terrace or backyard into additional space

No matter if you live in an apartment or a house, if you have an extra space, incorporate it into your home. This additional space can serve as a perfect area to exercise and grow herbs to use for juices and meals. Add some scented candles and turn it into your yoga retreat when needed, and in the evenings, this space could serve as an excellent entertaining area. If your kids need extra space for a playroom, you can also turn it into the children-friendly environment. All you’ll need are foam flooring and boxes for toys, so they can clean once they finish with playing.  

  • Dining room for family time

Meals stay as the occasions family gathers in one place even when your kids grow up and move out. When the family is young, this is a perfect place to do homework or have conversations about some serious matters. The family works as a unit during meals, and this is the time most members choose to talk about their day and problems. Put a vase of fresh flowers in the middle of the table and use some colourful colours to make the space pleasant for homework and conversations.

In the end

Adopt healthy habits and pass them onto your children. We inherit certain behaviours from our homes and keep respecting them even when we move out. Being a responsible parent is more than teaching your children positive values. It also includes showing them how to respect the space they live in and be responsible towards themselves.

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