10 Wallpaper Design Ideas That Bring Personality to Any Space

10 wallpaper design ideas that bring personality to any space.

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Any drab room can be lit up with good wallpaper. The key to choosing a good wallpaper design is not about the patterns but the personality it provides. These 10 wallpaper design ideas will surely bring you delight if you see them in one of the rooms in your own home:

  1. Cherry Printed Foil Wallpaper

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If you want your room to be as girly as possible, it would be nice to choose cherry-printed foil wallpaper. It brings an almost glam-pop vibe to it due to the reflective properties of the wallpaper. To add some needed spice to the room, you can even put a portrait of your favorite artist on the side.

  1. Black and White Motif Wallpaper

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Go classic by opting for the black and white motif wallpaper. Black and white wallpaper will look spectacular in any room. All you just have to do is mix and match with the right furniture and décor. One good motif that can be employed in the wallpaper is one inspired by woodprint grain.

  1. Grey Woodland Wallpaper

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Bring some woodland into your bathroom with the grey woodland wallpaper that will complement well with a door painted in dark green. It would look even better if you bring in a small chair that is upholstered with an iconic image.

  1. 3-D Geometric Wallpaper

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The use of wallpaper with 3-D Geometric prints will make any area look like something straight out of the future. It is also an opportunity for you to experiment with geometric design. Add in a fabulous Moroccan rug and your visitors will sing you praises when they enter the room.

  1. Pink Striped Wallpaper

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Pink striped wallpaper is a mainstay of homes built in the 1950s and 1960s and for some reason, it still looks good even up to now. It can especially transform a boring kitchen space into bohemian heaven. Just make sure to hang pictures and paintings that stand out when contrasted with the wallpaper.

  1. Painted Yellow Floral Wallpaper

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Who knew yellow would look good on wallpaper? Choose to have your wallpaper hand painted and you will surely be impressed about how it will turn out. The interesting thing about it is that it looks like something that you would see in those old Technicolor movies that were so popular decades ago.

  1. Textured Sandy Wallpaper

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Minimalism is the theme when you use textured sandy wallpaper. It works particularly well in a farmhouse living room setting especially when contrasted with the greeneries outside the house. Pair it up with a cool set of curtains and you will have a living room to die for.

  1. Cheetah-Printed Baby Blue Wallpaper

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Clueless about what to do with your laundry room? Make it kid-friendly by using baby blue wallpaper with cheetah prints on it. It has a certain effect of looking like it is very sanitary due to the child-like decor. You can also put in paintings of animals like fish and crabs for consistency.

  1. Jungle Wallpaper

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Add some drama to any room by putting in jungle-inspired wallpaper. Not only is it a stylish statement, but it also proves to be relaxing when you are inside. It pairs well with black and white décor and furniture so you may want to think about getting those too.

  1. Shibori Wallpaper

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Shibori is a traditional dyeing design technique that creates vibrant patterns on fabric. Take that concept and use it as your wallpaper design and you will have a bathroom that would make any art scholar proud. Post a medium-sized painting on the wall too so it will look even better.


Top interior design firms take pride in designing perfect rooms and the use of these wallpaper ideas can help you have a similar standard background in your house’s interiors. If you want to make some changes in design in your home, you can simply go for one or more of the above-mentioned wallpaper design ideas. If you are from Los Angeles and looking to give your rooms the best possible looks, nothing better you can do than opting for a professional interior design Los Angeles company around you.

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