How to Create Personalised Jigsaw Puzzle

How to create personalised jigsaw puzzle and how does It benefit the brain?

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Custom jigsaws make a great gift for the person who loves puzzles. However, a lot of time and thought goes into creating a unique, creative personalised jigsaw puzzle. Jigsaw puzzles are entertaining, challenging, affordable, and readily available. Materials used for jigsaw board include plastic, wood, cardboard, rubber, and foam. A wide range of people love jigsaw puzzles, and they provide several benefits. Though different varieties of ready-made jigsaws available in the market, sometimes you may want customized jigsaw puzzles in order to meet specific needs.

Making a Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle: follow the simple rules and play the game

  • There are several jigsaw puzzle websites available online. Go through them and get some idea. You can give your personalised jigsaw puzzle a different shape and color or even a custom photo puzzle. You can also include some hidden messages in your puzzle as letter shaped whimsies. Select your choice from the best jigsaw puzzle website and you can customize the puzzle by accepting a combination of both images, letters and icons.
  • To ensure your jigsaw looks great, you need to upload high resolution images. If you upload low quality images, your jigsaw will look blurry. Some websites will let you know the quality of uploaded image. If you can see that the image is poor in quality or not suitable for the upload, you need to find another photo which fits the requirement.
  • Once you upload high quality image, you can choose how many sections/pieces you would like in your personalised jigsaw puzzle.
  • Finally, if you are happy with the puzzle you’ve created online, you can go ahead and purchase your custom jigsaw.

Benefits of Jigsaw Puzzle: enhances creativity and problem-solving skills

The educational value of solving jigsaw puzzles is priceless. Children with special needs can benefit a lot from jigsaw puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles engage the brain to store information on colors and shapes in order to select the right pieces that will fit properly. Repeated practice helps reinforce short-term memory. Now, let’s see how our loved one can benefit from personalised jigsaw puzzle.

  • Problem solving: Jigsaw puzzles are in pieces, all you need to do is, put them together. There is only one solution a puzzle can have. Problem solving with only one possible solution is very useful, especially for children with autism.
  • Improves memory: If you don’t finish your jigsaw puzzle in one day, you’ve to remember where you left off.
  • Improves concentration: Jigsaw puzzles make you focus on specific color, size, and shape. Also, you must work carefully to fit the right pieces together. Longer you focus, better will be your puzzle solving skill.


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High quality jigsaw puzzles enhance social skills and develop confidence in a person

  • Social skills: People with special needs such as autism, can benefit from doing personalised jigsaw puzzle with other people. Interacting and communicating with other people significantly improves social skills.
  • Develops confidence: Solving jigsaw puzzles independently builds confidence. So, jigsaw puzzle directly influences self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Fun: Jigsaw puzzles provide endless entertainment as well as education. He values of building skills and being able to pass on such skills to another situation can be helpful for those with autism.
  • Creates synergy between left and right brain: The left brain is basically stimulated by problem solving and is sequential, while right brain sees a much bigger picture, and it wants randomness. Jigsaw puzzles help get the best from both left and right brain.

All in all, working on the personalised jigsaw puzzle with your loved one is the best way to not only enhance their mental ability, but to create even more cherishable memories you both can enjoy. This will also allow you to enjoy a better family time altogether.

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