Pet and Kid Friendly House Plants

Pet and kid friendly house plants – things every parent should know.

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Every home is complete children, pets and plants. In saying this, there’s a lot more to be considered when deciding to have all the above “co-habit”. With children alone, so many household changes are required to safeguard them from injuries. This also includes pet and baby considerations. What about the third part of the equation when choosing plants.


Children are super sensitive as a whole with the need for their immunity to develop. This comes with exposure and the right amount of parental guided exposure to dust etc.  Pets and fur can be an irritant to children if not overseen. Worst still, is having plants that trigger negative reactions to baby and animals alike. As we know, children and pets cannot be overlooked all the time and not even at the same time. So precautionary and advised plant choices are necessitated. Sap releasing plants, berry baring plants, thorny bush to name just a few are clear no go’s for inquisitive children. If you do want to have some fun then strawberries are a good consideration to educated and have kids hunt after. While safe succulents and soft to the touch leafy plants like an African violet are safe for both baby and child alike.

Plants and your pets

While I’ve heard of the occasional piglet or tortoise for a household pet, most common are cats and dogs. These wonderful household additions demand and equally seriousness to plant considerations. A pets care and wellbeing is as paramount as a child and as costly too. The same can be said of curious pets snooping in the garden or household plants. So it’s great to have plants that add beauty to your garden and home but these can never be for example aloe vera, daffodils, baby breathe, Gladiola’s to name a few. The visible signs of any such ingestions is diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy and drools to name some toxic symptoms. As we often take our pets to parks and even visit other homes when we socialize, it can be a possibility that the pet will be exposed to these plants that spur their interest and “tastebuds”.

It may be a lot to consider having plants and garden that accommodates all in the home while keeping it beautiful but again, expertise is always a nursery visit away. A more sophisticated and budgeted for approach is in appointing the services of a landscape artist. As much as we all love a home or space that is rich with living plants that are easy on the eye and convey a message of “life”, it can become expensive and tricky to ensure your family and pets are safe. Children often have color and texture draw them in and plants offer this immediate appeal. Then comes the curiosity of taste. Pets with a heightened sense of smell are drawn to plants and no different, to taste as part of the exploration process.

If both pet and child are at risk or the plant selection process becomes cumbersome, then silk flowers are an option but a very last resort. After all, the flower doesn’t dream of the bee. It blossoms and then the bee comes – Mark Nepo.

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