A Complete Guide to Washing Different Fabrics

Do you know how to wash different fabrics? Here is a complete guide.

washing fabrics
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Keeping your clothes clean is as important to your health as it is to your appearance. However, clothes do not just mean what we wear. In fact, we are surrounded by clothes in our daily lives, it could be your bed sheets, bath towels, curtains, rugs, table clothes, etc. All these articles clothing also define you and your personality. Hence keeping them clean is integral. However, most of us do not have a proper idea as to how frequently we can wash our clothes. Different fabrics need different types of care. You might often be wondering why some of your clothing looks faded beyond their time, or why certain clothes have started to lose their elasticity. Each wash although cleans the fabrics also leads to their wearing. Washing can often shorten the life of a particular fabric, while rarely washing a particular fabric can make it look tired and dingy. Hence you need to have the apt knowledge of how to handle different clothing.

The right knowledge about how often to wash different fabrics will let you give an idea on how to protect the different clothes and extend their life. A fabric as heavy as jeans does not need frequent washing as an underwear or socks does. Some clothing needs to be washed on a daily basis while some need to be washed every week or once in a few months in order to increase their longevity.

The detailed infographic below, we have given information on how frequently you can wash your particular clothing and fabrics and how to do’s and don’ts about each type of fabric. This infographic will help you understand when to wash your clothes and help them extend their shelf life which in turn will help you save a lot of money and energy.


washing fabrics

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