7 Must-Haves for All The Travel Junkies

7 must-haves for all the travel junkies.

travel junkies
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Travelling contributes to a person’s journey of knowing one’s self. In the modern world with the increase in the facilities that travelers have people take it up as a hobby and go around the world to find one’s self and see the beauty this world has to offer. Before you junkies embark on the journey here is a list of things you must have to have a good time.


Health is wealth something we’ve all heard but don’t know the intensity of unless we are sick. If you get sick at home, you can go to a doctor and get something but what if you’re on the road?  A lot of you will be like “well we will be on the smart planet there’s bound to be a doctor somewhere.” I agree, but what if you’re traveling in a jungle or the desert or some rural area of India?  You’re not going to find one and even if you do there is a 99% chance he/she won’t speak your language.

Something to eat

You never know when you lose your way or get stranded till help comes you should have snacks so you can eat while you wait.

Hygiene accesssories

You must have some hygiene accessories you never know where you’re going to eat and you wouldn’t want to eat your food with the same hands you put on the ground while hiking, or the same hands that got wet in that dirty water puddle. Even though you do have medicine, it’s Better safe than sorry.


You must have a car, even if you’re going hiking or mountain climbing or anything park your car somewhere and go because if anything goes wrong, it can shelter you. What if you get tired half way or don’t feel well at least you can come back to the car and know that you will be safe.  You can’t go all hunger games on nature in reality so having a car does come in handy.


Speakers are a definite must even though nature does have its music, but you can’t listen to it that on a 5-hour hike. A portable speaker with a USB filled with your music is a must.

Source of fire

Anything that will help you build a fire is a must. You never know what you might come across. You should have a lighter, a matchbox, a gas cylinder or anything else that can help you cook your food if you’re not satisfied with the food somewhere along the trip. It can also be used to keep away a dangerous animal and insects that might bite and cause an infection.

An instrument

Even though a speaker is a must, it’s going to die out. You should always have an instrument that you are good at nothing beats sitting next to a fire and playing a classical guitar.

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travel junkies


This article is written by Peter Thomson who is a little too obsessed with music and musical gadgets. He loves traveling and enjoys time with his friends. He regularly posts at The Musician Lab.

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