Healthy Bond With Your Kid

Healthy bond with your kid: mother-child fitness guide.

healthy bond


Having a kid is no reason to let your own needs slide. You can squeeze in effective workout, even if your daily schedule is tight, and involve your baby or kid in the process too. So, it is time to swap bad habits for smart steps that will take you closer to embracing a healthy lifestyle and nurturing a close-knit family.

Here are some simple exercises that will help both you and your kid get in shape and reap opulent health benefits.

Baby steps

Many parents are not aware that fitness sessions can literally start in the crib. Your baby should not stand in the way of healthy routines; in fact, it can be the center of them.

Of course, you are not going to employ rigorous training regimens.

Instead, check out mommy-and-me workouts like Rock and Roll. Sit on a mat or carpet and keep your knees bent and feet flexed. Put the baby gently on your lap. Lean back until you feel your abdominals tightening. Maintain this position for 10 seconds and then return to the starting pose. Typically, this move is done in series of 10 reps.

Some other forms of exercise involve nursery-rhyme planks, swaying-tree stretches, baby bends, etc. Also, bear in mind that there are numerous yoga positions that work well with the baby right by your side.

Rise and shine

Lack of time is nothing more than a convenient excuse. There is a multitude of quick, highly energizing exercises you can perform in a matter of minutes. You can work the whole body without investing hours of your time or having to cope with the commute.

Who said that workout needs to be tedious? Take the example of dancing, a fun joint activity that brings forth great benefits. It is a light cardiovascular workout that recruits all the major muscle groups and boosts balance and coordination.

Moreover, you get an opportunity to burn many calories.

Fill the air with some upbeat music, elevate the mood, and melt your stress away shredding the dance floor together. This can be a nice morning routine that will help you start the day with a bang.

Water power

healthy bond


Those who own a pool are surely blessed as they can dive into water adventures anytime.

Splashing around in the shallow end of the pool is fine, but to get really active, you should try water walking. The resistance of water can really put your muscles into action, and when your kids get tired, you can go the extra mile and reward them with piggyback rides through the water.

When sitting in shallow water, do scissor kicks together to work abs and legs. On the other hand, if you find yourself lying on your belly, perform swimming planks.

Of course, let us not forget swimming, one of the best summer aerobic activities. Try to teach your child how to navigate through water early on. If you’re nesting and thinking about installing a kid-friendly swimming pool, the best choices are quality fibreglass pools. Aside from coming with interesting features for kids, such as different colours and shapes, the important thing is that you’ll have less to worry about when it comes to hygiene.

Have a whale of a time in the water while also sneakily working out.

The great outdoors

The chief goal is to ingrain healthy and wholesome habits into your family’s lifestyle. Note that you can take your fitness outdoors, to your backyard, a local park, or the playground. Active play and small bits of physical recreation count as well.


healthy bond


So, walk your kids to school instead of going for short car rides. Figure out ways to fill the day with short spurts of activity.

The great thing is that you can do fitness anywhere, without even having to change clothes or use any gear. What’s more, even if you just stick to 5-minute bursts of activity, you’ll still manage to rev up your metabolism, work your muscles, and burn calories.

When you have time, though, opt for sustained aerobic activity as a family. Think in terms of one-hour urban hikes, jump rope, biking, and other kid-friendly escapades.

Smart steps, fun moves

So, ready to foster a strong, everlasting bond with your child and push health and fitness to the top of the priority list? It is never a good idea to neglect your well-being. Set a great example and come up with a doable plan for the long haul.

Health and fitness habits will grow on you and become automatic, so dance your way to fitness or exercise through play, whatever floats your boat. Just make sure to escape the bane of good health, the sedentary lifestyle. Get moving, bond, and have fun together!

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