Getting Creative with Birthday Cakes

How to get creative with birthday cakes? Here are 5 amazing ideas to look after.

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Fun, excitement and joy- birthdays are regarded to be the finest times of that calls for memorable celebrations and of course a stunning birthday cake. Now, when you are looking for the best cakes for your child, loved ones or friends, you need to realize that there is a lot of thought and creativity that goes into the making of an ultimate birthday cakes.

Having just any cake that you come across may not be such a wise decision, rather you need to weigh the options that you have, understand whether they will be able to surprise the star of the event and then make your way towards it.

To simplify the entire process; this article explains how you can get creative with the cakes, focusing on the different options available and quick tips on methods of decorating them.

The Diverse Types of Birthday Cakes

There is a world of birthday cakes to choose from and some of them are broadly classified into five categories and these are:

  • Character Cakes: Who doesn’t love to have character cakes? They are projection of the people that your son, daughter or friendly really idolizes. For instance, if your son loves Mickey Mouse or other associated characters then you can consider having the same shape of cakes on their birthdays, while for girls this can be their favorite princess.
  • Designer Cakes: When you are searching for cakes that are designed to perfection, then designer cakes are what you need. These are professionally crafted by masters who believe in the art of creativity and come up with exceptional pieces only after discussing your requirements of the cake.
  • Photo Cakes: There are many precious moments that people treasure in their life through photographs; then why not relive these moments on the birthday cakes too? With photo cakes you get the opportunity to highlight a special photograph that is close to your heart and connects in no time. You can even consider having a collage of photos to come up with a beautiful cake.
  • Sports Cakes: No matter what the age group might be, people are often enticed by sports. So, make use of this on the cake and have a design that showcases a particular sport, player or just the equipment used for playing the game. This can be anything ranging from bats, balls, goals or other associated figures.


creative cakes


  • Ombre Cakes: Often it is seen that people follow a particular shade of color across the cake. Though it might bring out a sophisticated design, but when you are up for some fun then Ombre can turn out to be an amazing choice. With this you can get to play two different shades with contrasting color that would complete the design to perfection.


creative cakes


Ways to Decorate the Birthday Cakes

Having the best birthday cakes is not enough, along with that there are a few things that you can do to enhance the appeal of the cake. This is where, the incredible cake decoration ideas make their way.

  • Bring sunshine and life to the cakes with the use of flowers that make it look as elegant as it can be. Make sure that you place the flowers just a few hours before the cutting so that they do not wilt.
  • Come up with a chocolate affair by having loads of Choco delights like shavings, chips and more on the top of the cake and notice the difference that it can create.
  • Give a new trendy style to the cake with the use of interesting candles and associated elements that would again uplift the overall theme and design of the cake.

Remember: birthdays are special and the birthday cakes that you choose somehow to form the foundation for this important event.

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