Exercise Tips to Keep in Mind While Breastfeeding

Exercise tips to keep in mind while breastfeeding: best ways on how to make it right.

exercise while breastfeeding
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A new baby makes a mom’s life anew. But how to get back to the old you? Here are exercise tips to keep in mind while breastfeeding. Let’s work out!

Trying to get our figure back after giving birth is a challenge. But it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Squeezing in the fitness program within your new routine is a bit tough. Yet, as mothers, we always find a way to pull it off!

Here are exercise tips to keep in mind while breastfeeding. This is a guide to help you take care of yourself and your baby. If you’ve got many doubts and worries about how to stay fit while breastfeeding, these techniques might answer your questions in mind.

Now, let’s get started!

Exercise tips to keep in mind while breastfeeding

  • Exercise while nursing will not bring harm to the mother’s milk supply

This is actually true. However, studies show that building up a high level of lactic acid after a vigorous exercise does change the taste of the milk. So, it is better to do workouts that are light for the moment.

On the other hand, doing the exercise in moderation is beneficial for you since your body is still recovering from the toll of having a baby. One thing is a fact though, that breast milk stays nutritious whether moms exercise or not.

Therefore, keep it cool mommies!

To sum it up, eating the right way and drinking a lot of liquids helps in stable milk supply. And one more thing, never take medicines unless advised by the doctor.


exercise while breastfeeding
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  • Eat the right amount of food

I’m sure you’ve heard that breastfeeding helps a whole lot in putting moms back into shape. It may be correct but you need to realize too that your body needs all the calories it can take to produce that milk.

Thus, if you want to keep on supporting your baby with the right nutrients that he can get from your milk, eat as much as needed.

Do you know that breastfeeding further burns an average of 500 calories per day? It’s not exactly the same extent for each of us, but it is a vital reason for mothers not to slack on diet. In fact, without the calories, it is difficult to produce milk.  

Do your gym routine, but eat your food enough to replace calories in the milk. Implement a clean diet like eating whole, healthy foods.


exercise while breastfeeding
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  • Drink plenty of liquid

I bet these exercise tips to keep in mind while breastfeeding will keep you going.

If I stressed a while ago to never skip your meals, this time, I am making it clear to drink enough liquid to keep you hydrated.

Moms nowadays are fully occupied to catch up with challenges of everyday life that it is common to forget drinking the right amount of water.

Do remember that if your body is dehydrated, it won’t be able to produce milk. Hence, if you’re thinking of going back to your usual exercise routine, consider drinking extra water to keep the milk flowing.

Do you want to make certain that you do so? It’s simple. Always keep a bottle of water nearby to remind you.

Your body will give you a hint as well. If you get thirsty, it’s an alarm that you need to drink!

For a little bit of upgrade, along with water, you can drink almond milk, fruit and vegetable juices. How’s that?


exercise while breastfeeding
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  • Plan your schedule

I know it’s hard to squeeze in your exercise routine in between your mommy-baby moments. If you are nursing full time, I suggest that you do your workout right after you’re done with the feeding.

At least, when you do your steps, your breasts are light and not hurting every time you move. That’s because it’s a bit emptier. You take note of your breastfeeding and napping intervals so you’ll know when the right time to hit the gym.

Simply put into consideration the type of exercise suitable for you and the time limit of your program. Pumping may be recommendable for outdoor exercises to give you plenty of time.

I tell you, babies are sometimes unpredictable. And so, when there are times you can’t make it, don’t be upset. You are on the right track.

Just don’t give up!

  • Listen to what your body tells you. What do you think is the right exercise you are comfortable with?

I remember after I had my child, I was strictly instructed by my doctor to stay on the moderate type of workout until I would feel my body can already cope up.  

So, while nursing, I engaged myself to relaxation routines like basic yoga and water aerobics. Other moms are doing their gym programs and I envied them.

But we are all unique, so it really depends on the mother’s capability.

Regardless, I strived to go back to my usual prenatal exercise program. With the obvious transformation that my body has undergone, I badly need enough discipline and patience for a workout schedule.


exercise while breastfeeding
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  • Declare a “Mommy’s Day off”

Number one priority every day is my business with the little one. During weekends, I have to implement a family day on Sunday and “Mommy’s Day Off” during Saturdays. I’ve got to own a day to myself.

I allocate those hours to re-energize myself and harmonized my thoughts. Hiking and some dancing with friends not only loosen my stiff nerves but also take away the exhaustion of being a mom. One whole day a week works better for me than a few minutes a day.

Actually, these exercise tips to keep in mind while breastfeeding are all based on my personal experience. I just can’t stop sharing, can I?

As the books say, a mother that is well balanced in every aspect of life is a happy mom. Mentally and physically active would yield to emotional stability. For a nursing mom, keeping the importance of self-care amidst the challenges of loving a baby influences daily mood.

Being active helps upsurge endorphin, healthy digestion, and sleep. Workout benefits breastfeeding moms by making them lose weight, tone muscles and balance hormones.  Now, don’t get too serious. Exercising does not only mean going to the gym.

I have tried to do my sit-ups while hugging my baby and toning my arm muscles by raising him up several times every morning. Make your workout as natural as possible. Not only that you will keep yourself fit, but it’s going to be a great mommy-baby bonding.


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Did you like my exercise tips to keep in mind while breastfeeding? Be creative. Start your baby steps!

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