4 Major Types of Parenting Styles and Their Effects On Kids

4 major types of parenting styles and their effects on kids.


Every parent is different when it comes to raising their children. Parenting styles can be categorized into four major groups which affect the child’s behavior, social skills, and academic performance. If you are a parent and would want to know how you discipline and raise your child, take a look at these 4 types of parenting styles and their effects on kids.

#1 Authoritative Parenting

Also known as Democratic Parenting Style. This style of parenting is a balance between strict parenting and permissive parenting. Parents who use this style are often highly demanding but set rules that discuss its consequences instead of using punishment. Parents are supportive, have high expectations for their children but are very warm and very nurturing. The parents usually consider the feelings of their children and let them involve in decision making. This style often yields well-behaved children and is considered to be the most effective parenting style.

Most parents say: “You can go out with your friends and come home after curfew as long as you message me where you are.”

Effect on Children:

  • Mostly happy and have high self-esteem
  • Better social skills and less violent tendencies
  • Lower delinquency rates
  • Children are well-adjusted and independent
  • Higher academic performance
  • Have good mental health

#2 Authoritarian Parenting

This type of parenting is similar to Authoritative parenting but focuses more on obedience from their children. It is the style of parenting that is strict and controlling that uses rigid rules with high demands and expectations. Most parents have the low responsiveness and don’t consider the children’s emotions. Punishments are implemented when children misbehave as a form of discipline. Most parents using this style are often cold and don’t offer emotional support. Many authoritarian parents make lots of parenting mistakes.

Most parents say: “If you don’t follow what I say, you’ll be in big trouble.”

Effects on Children:

  • Unhappy and have low self -esteem
  • Less independent and can’t make decisions by themselves
  • Poor social skills
  • Well behaved and mannered
  • Prone to having mental illness

#3 Permissive Parenting

Permissive parents are also warm and loving but are very indulgent when it comes to their kids. They have a lenient attitude and lax behavior when raising their children. No boundaries, no rules are set as they prefer to be seen as a friend rather than a guardian to their children. They lack guidelines and are reluctant to set rules. They often shower their children with material things to show their affection. Permissive parents are very responsive but avoids confrontation and lacks demand.

Most parents say: “Sure, you can have whatever you want.” “It’s ok, they are just kids.”

Effects on Children:

  • -Low self-esteem and has feelings of insecurity
  • -possess egocentric behaviors
  • -Struggle academically
  • -Poor social skills
  • -Struggle with self-control

#4 Neglectful Parenting

This is also known as Uninvolved Parenting. This type of parenting has little to no involvement when it comes to raising their children. Sure, they provide their basic needs, however, they are not present when it comes to setting boundaries and rules. There is also lack of interaction and just provide their children complete freedom to do anything they want. Most parents of this type are indifferent towards their children and lack affection. Most parents who have this style also struggle with poor mental health such as having depression, physical abuse and also child neglect during their childhood.

Most parents say: “Whatever”. “He can figure it out all by himself.”

Effect on Children:

  • Extremely unhappy and lack self-esteem
  • Struggle Academically
  • Impulsive behavior
  • Develops Delinquency and addiction problems
  • High mental illness rate
  • Emotionally withdrawn


As a parent you must know what parenting style you have and make necessary adjustments to lessen negative effects of your parenting mistakes on your kids. More than anything else, try to build a long lasting bond with your children and let them enjoy your company.

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