How Does Shopping Look Like When You Are Pregnant

How does shopping look like when you are pregnant?

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You are pregnant! Congratulations!

These are some of the most common phrases that you will hear when you find out that your family is going to expand with one more member. Apart from the normal excitement for becoming a mother, many changes will appear into your life. Your body obviously will suffer some transformations. However, with patience and determination, it is possible to come back to the silhouette you had before pregnancy.

Shopping While Pregnant

One change that you will notice from the first months of pregnancy is on your shopping list. You will start thinking and adding items that you never had before on your list. As the pregnancy evolves, the list becomes bigger. Moreover, apart from the things for your own comfort, you will start adding things for the baby as well.

But let’s take them one by one and see what future mom’s shopping list looks like during pregnancy.

How The Shopping List Looks In The First Trimester

During the first trimester you will be extremely curious to know as much information as possible about pregnancy and babies. Therefore, one of the first items that will have its place on your shopping list will be the pregnancy books. You will discover many useful parenting books in your town’s library.

Even though the belly is not visible yet, you will also start searching for new pants and waistband extenders. You will notice that from one week to the other your body will change and the old pants will no longer fit you. When you are going to shop for pants, you will also put in your shopping cart a comfortable bra as well. Your breast will probably feel tenderer now and so you will definitely prefer a bra without underwire.

During the pregnancy and even starting from the first trimester, your skin will become drier. If you neglect this aspect, you will notice that after giving birth there will remain signs on your body. A good all-over moisturizer will be your biggest ally during your pregnancy.

The Pregnancy Evolves To The Second Trimester And The List Expands

As you are approaching the second trimester, your shopping list will expand. Therefore, when you will enter in a clothing shop, you will search for more maternity wear, not just pants and comfortable bras. Your belly is expanding and you will feel the need for more comfort.

Nights will become also a little bit more agitated and you will start searching for remedies that will help you have a good sleep. Thus, you will add on your list a body pillow. It will help you feel more comfortable during the night and find a good position that will allow you sleep as much as possible.

During the second trimester you will start also look for items for your baby like baby bottles, baby dresses, baby potty chairs, baby bassinet and so on. You still have time to buy all the things, but take into consideration that during the last trimester you will feel more tired and a bit more stressed. This is why you can start buying several things and start decorating your prince or princess’ room. For example, you can buy the changing table, baby bedding or the crib.

Third Semester And The Shopping List Becomes Even Bigger

When you are reaching the final trimester, your shopping sessions will be less but the list will be more consistent. Your baby becomes your top priority and you start preparing your pregnancy kit. You also start preparing the supplies for the first weeks with the baby. Therefore, you start buying feeding supplies and diapers.

During this period, you also finalize the baby’s room and add the final items that will make your life easier. For example, you buy the bath tub, the baby’s carrier and car seat. It is better to have them already when the baby is born. Like this you will have less stress and be able to enjoy more spending time with your child.

During the last trimester you will also start feeling heavier and feel the pressure on your spine. The baby will drop into the position for a good entrance and you will start feeling the pressure in your pelvis. This is why you will feel the need for a maternity belt that will help you release the pain from your back and legs.

All these being sad, you will definitely enjoy the shopping sessions during your pregnancy. You will be surprised to see how your priorities change gradually and all the attention will shift towards your baby’s needs. And if you thought that once you give birth, everything will come back to normal. The shopping adventure actually just begins as you will be needing more items like baby bouncers, baby walkers, baby gates, infant car seats and more.

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