5 Tips For Decorating the Kids Room

5 tips for decorating the kids room.

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The rooms for adults are usually created and decorated around a single purpose (sleeping, dining, cooking, etc.). However, it’s different with kids’ rooms – they also serve a specific purpose, but they need to go beyond that and provide a comforting yet stimulating environment for the kids.

This means that you can go a bit overboard when you’re deciding on the aesthetic of the kid’s room. It can be as eclectic as you want; there are no style guides that you need to stick to as long as the room is comfy and the kids love it.

Book corner

The design of the room can be used to encourage certain behaviors in your kids while still keeping the room comfortable and pleasant to use on a day to day basis. A good example of such design is a book corner for both reading and relaxing.

The corner should contain books your kids enjoy depending on their age and interests, and a few large and comfy pillows in bright and warm colors. This corner will invite your kids to read and make it a part of their daily routine.


Kids’ rooms are going to be full of toys, so the decoration should help with making them at least a bit more organized than they would be otherwise. The easiest way of doing this is by getting some sort of a wooden cabinet or shelf which is easy to clean and which the kids could use to store their toys away.

This way, the toys will also become decorative pieces, making the room brighter and more colorful when they are organized and put away. Try not to attach the cabinet to the floor though, because a time might come when you want to move it as your kids grow out of their toys.


decorating kid's room

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There are two ways to go about coloring the kids’ room. The first is to decide on a theme and stick with it throughout the room. This means that both the furniture and the walls will be the same color, which can make things easier. The key to this approach is to choose the right shade. Don’t forget to use colorful floor paint in order to really pull the whole room together.

Another way to go is to do the opposite and allow yourself freedom when it comes to the choosing the colors. In this case, there are no rules about the furniture fitting in. You can even paint every wall differently. The only thing to be consistent about is keeping the colors warm and welcoming.


Carpeting is a popular choice for the kids’ rooms, but it has its advantages and disadvantages. It will make the room warmer and safer for the kids, especially when they are younger and tend to crawl and fall down a lot. On the other hand, carpets also get dirty pretty easily and it takes a while to clean and dry them.

If you decide to place a carpet in your kid’s room make sure the material is fluffy and the color doesn’t stand out too much from the rest of the room.

Patterns and prints

In the end, the kids’ room needs to be a place that the kids can enjoy. This presents a problem because kids’ interests tend to change pretty often as they are growing up. The whole room in motifs from Frozen could sound like a great idea at the time, but it could be a big mistake.

This is why the best way to go is to use complicated and flamboyant patterns and prints instead. These are attractive to look at and they don’t go out of style.

Designing a kid’s room can be tricky, but it’s a room with which you can really experiment and showcase your creativity. Just make sure to keep in mind that the kids’ needs and interests might change soon.

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