Amazing Tips to Survive Cold Weather Winter Camping

How to survive cold weather camping?

cold winter camping
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Embarking on cold weather camping is one of the ways you can test your skills. It provides one the opportunity of enjoying the new sides of nature.  Furthermore, one is exposed to other types of outdoor activities like ice fishing and hunting. Although it makes you feel happier and alive, it can be very dangerous, especially if careless. So, let’s look at how to survive in cold weather while you are camping.

Cold Weather Camping Surviving Tips

It is important to get yourself prepared for any cold weather camping properly. This is because Mother Nature will throw different things in your way. It is in line with this that the below checklist should not be taken for granted:

  • Choosing a suitable place

The choice of a suitable site for any camping trip is always the first step to take into consideration. It is, however, important to make sure to account for every issue that may arise along the line. Having in-depth knowledge of the area and take notes of important features like roads and ranger stations. So they may be needed, especially in case of emergency. It’s not bad to choose places with beautiful cold weather scenery and wildlife.

  • Take essential equipment

The choice of equipment chosen can make or break any camping trip. Because outdoor camping has special needs, it is important to take extra clothes along. The reason is to keep you ‘on the go’ if your main ones get wet. Take rain and snow gear along as water and snow are immiscible. More so, take extra sleeping bags and blankets. This is because they can help to prevent hypothermia in cases of emergency.


cold winter camping
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Make sure your sleeping bag will be able to withstand the expected temperatures. In truth, summer bags cannot hold heat in very cold environments. Make sure to take essentials like a first aid kit. Additionally, a heater to boil water to make a cup of tea or coffee to prevent morning chill should not be taken for granted.

  • Ensure hearty meals

Cold and winter weather means your body system needs to work harder to stay warm. It is during this period that the body system tends to burn more energy. For this reason, make sure you pack enough food and do not skimp on the calories. During the dull and gloomy winter period, hot food is always better than cold ones. Invest in chemical warmers that require water for ease of clean-up and also pan as to cook over the fire.  It is paramount to take extra food along. So the food might be scarce, especially if you happen to find yourself in a survival situation.

  • Take note of the weather

In truth, a severe snowstorm with poor visibility and strong winds of the ice storm can turn a fun family camping trip into a survival situation. Try to study the weather and make plans for any change in weather that may ruin your camping. It is essential, especially in mountains and other areas that are likely to cause harm that avalanches can quickly go beyond control. For this reason, therefore, it is important to always plan for the unexpected.

  • Get your vehicle prepared

Do not fail to prepare your vehicle for challenges that are associated with the winter months. Anything can happen, especially when the temperature drops. So, it is important to inspect your car before heading out for your trip. It is important if it has been a while. Check your replacement components properly and ensure you have the right tires to withstand any weather. If need be, take a small tool kit (especially those that come in handy ways), in emergencies. You can always get them in retail stores that deal in easy-to-handle carrying kits.

  • Dress appropriately

The clothing needs of winter weather call for additional requirements. So, take different clothing in an easy-to-remove layer. Sweating can easily lead to hypothermia; therefore, remove layers immediately you discover an increase in your body temperature. The essence is to regulate your comfort level properly. Foul weather can come in at any time. So, ensure you have wool coats and gloves. Even when it is wet, wool can retain a large percentage of heat.

The essence is to regulate your comfort level properly. Foul weather can come in at any time. So, ensure you have wool coats and gloves as well as a weatherproof jacket. Even when it is wet, wool can retain a large percentage of heat.

  • Make sure there is enough fire supply

There should be enough fire supply. More so, hatchets, and chainsaws, and other things that may be required to gather plenty of woods should also be taken along.


cold winter camping
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Funny enough, today’s society is the stay-at-home type. And there are now different groups of anti-social individuals that equate outdoor activities especially cold weather camping with running a marathon. Well, the truth remains that the wild is for everybody. So, get yourself involve in outdoor camping to enjoy the new side of Mother Nature fully. If you are satisfied with this post, just share it with your friends and comment below.

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