5 Tips to Prevent Your Kids from Falling Ill during Season Change

How to prevent your kids from falling ill during season change?

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Season change is not only the period of drastic weather transformation but it is also the phase that is marked by the wake of a swerve of infections caused by a plethora of germs. And the kids happen to be the ones who are most susceptible to these.

This goes without saying that the mums remain worried during this time as they always want to ensure that their kids tide over the this period without undergoing any disease. But this is one of the greatest challenges that they face. This is because, in order to achieve this, kids must have a strong system of immunity.

A strong immunity is the key to a healthy life for any kid and that is the best gift from you to him or her. Scientific researches have revealed that factors like changes in the protective mucosal barrier, immune system weakening and pathogen deviations are the major reasons for a rise in the infections along during season changes.

Infections and flu that come with season change are detrimental to your kid’s physical, mental and cognitive development. So here are some ways in which you can prevent this from happening.

  • Go for the Right Food– In order to prevent the body of your children from feeling blue you need to encourage a balanced diet. For the rapid growth of physical and mental abilities, kids require high levels of nutrition. You may try new dishes for the little ones and depending on the season, you may also go for recipe hunting so that the new ingredients can be incorporated into their daily diet.

Family doctors suggest to go for pumpkin which is a great source of Vitamin C. Apart from pumpkins, there are also other types of green vegetables like celery and arugula and other diet staples that are great for your kid’s health.

  • Increase Outdoor Playtime of the Kids – Vitamin D is one of the most vital vitamins to take note of during the season change. There are less opportunities to enjoy the sunshine as the days get shorter and shorter on the onset of winter and derive the right amount of Vitamin D that is needed by our body. That is why it is a must that you inspire your kids to spend more time outside to ensure that they get ample amount of sunshine. Go for day picnics and let them play outdoors as much as possible.

The family doctor also advises on going for regular exercise. So make sure that your kids do so. An active autumn and winter lifestyle will boost the immunity of your kids.

  • Make Them Dress Rightly for the Season – Kids are very prone to catching a cold. So scarves, thermals and gloves are great options for clothing and you should always make sure that your kids never leave the house without these. In addition to heavy clothing, ensure that you also get the right shoes for your kids. Boots and covered shoes with thick socks are ideal during this time.
  • Inculcate Good Habits of Hygiene – In order to maintain strong levels of immunity, good general and personal hygiene is a must. Unfortunately, this aspect is overlooked by most parents. Consuming clean drinking water, disinfecting the house, a good hand hygiene and using a strong antiseptic are a must for building a strong immunity.  To curb the transmission of germs, ensure that the kid washes their hands thoroughly after coming out of toilet and takes a bath regularly.
  • When Required Go for Professional Help– Inspite of all the care, you should also understand that ailments and accidents do occur. If your child catches a cold or develops a fever or experiences any other discomfort, do not delay and book an appointment with your physician right away. According to his or her suggestion, treat them with the right medications after buying them from a reliable and authentic online medical store to avoid further deterioration.

The above are some of the ways in which you can make sure that your kids are able to stay healthy even during season change.

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