How to Transform a Child’s Room into a Teenager’s Room

How to transform a child’s room into a teenager’s room?

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After years of princes and princesses wallpapers, the time has come to create a new place for your youngsters. For parents, this is the time when they don’t want to admit that their little one is growing up and in the blink of an eye will be off to college. Children, however, can’t wait to have their own place where they can put their belongings and play until the bedtime. Meeting halfway is sometimes not possible, but this is the best option to balance everyone’s wishes.

Discuss ideas with your child

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Although you think kids don’t have much to say when it comes to what should go where, they actually know that very well. Maybe they’ve seen something cool at their friend’s house or want to have a room just like their favorite TV character. Letting them be a part of this process is crucial and it can be a fun family activity. Of course, you’ll need to set some boundaries and let your child know that some things just aren’t acceptable.

Try to guide them towards the ideas you have in mind and find the middle ground. If you are tempted to do this makeover as a surprise, stop to think how you’ve felt when your parent did something similar. Supporting their critical opinion in an early stage is important and, although this may come as a surprise, even small things like refusing to accept suggestions can lead to an emotional response from a child.

Reuse what you can

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Go through the furniture and see what you can reuse, but don’t forget to think outside the box. Why not use some revamping techniques and paint the old furniture to create something your child will like? You can make room in your backyard, bring everything outside and let your little ones’ imagination run wild. Let them paint their old cabinets, write their favorite quotes or just give them a chance to have a say in this and then do your best to fulfill their demands.

If you know your way around the sewing machine, make decorative cushions from old blankets and covers. Keep as much of the memories as you can and your child will appreciate that. For what you can’t use here, try to find a place somewhere else. Little shabby chic furniture is now a big trend and these vintage remodels will fit great with your home design and have an amazing story behind it. Everything will stay within the family and it’s going to have more personal value than stuff you’ve bought in a store.

Boost their creativity

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Creating a multi-functional space is an amazing way to create a corner for your child’s school activities. A spacious desk with a lot of storage space will come in handy for school projects and equipment, but it can also be a place for weekend readings and computer games.

Go a bit further and let them have a chalkboard wall and explain them all the advantages of this gadget. Not only will this be a creative feature when their friends visit, but they can also take notes and brainstorm while studying. If this is outside your comfort zone and your OCD kicks in with all the chalk dust all over the house, a simple bulletin board will be a great replacement. For kids who are more creative, hang a bunch of empty frames with a few strings and small clothespins and let your kid change its content.

Other ideas

When everything is done, let your child add that final touch by displaying their trophies, favorite drawings, and other memorabilia. This personal flair will be something that they are most proud of, so let them show off. Make a corner for their hobby and let them know you support them and want to help them make a progress. Whether they are into sports, books, learning languages or participating in extracurricular activities, they will appreciate your effort in creating such a special corner. Finally, let them pick out small furniture items such as rugs, lights, pillows, and blankets. Capture these moments and maybe one of those pictures will end up on their wall.

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