Important Facts to Be Remembered For Accurate Baby Car Seat Fitting

car seat fitting


The parents always ensure the best protection and comfort for their babies, both at home and while going on a family tour. But the baby needs to be kept secured in the car despite car jerking while travelling on uneven roads. The parents feel sure of the safety of their children when positioned them in well-designed baby car seats. However, the matter of baby car seat fitting is not so simple and may need to be handled by professionals if the parents are not so confident of doing it accurately themselves.

Important tips for maintaining perfection in baby car seat fitting

When a baby car seat needs to be fitted in different cars at different times, the parents cannot make it permanently fixed in any one car. Then it is better to learn the techniques of baby car seat fitting for the flawless security of the baby positioned in the seat.

  • Every baby car seat comes with an instruction book provided by the manufacturer, where all the methods of baby car seat installation are explained step by step. The parents need to follow those instructions very strictly to avoid all kinds of accidents.
  • Not all the baby car seats can fit in all cars models suitably due to more length or width than desired. So, it is best to check by placing the seat inside the car before purchasing it to ensure that it fits right.
  • Normally, the baby car seats are advised to be installed in the rear seats of a car as babies are supposed to be safe at the back seat in case of any road accident. Many modern cars have specific slots and attaching points for the easy installation of these special baby seats.
  • If multiple babies are needed to be seated in a car, the youngest baby should be placed at the centre of the rear seat, to keep him/her most safe. The older baby may be placed on the left or right side of the rear seat strapped to his/her seat while facing forward.
  • The baby car seat should be secured tightly by passing the seatbelt through it so that it cannot be moved sideways or pushed forward more than one inch. If the baby car seat fitting remains loose, it may come out with any strong jerk of the car, seriously injuring the baby. So, it is best to put full bodyweight while tying the seatbelt tightly and it should be locked immediately.
  • These car seats are provided with soft and comfortable harness for securing the babies from any accidents while travelling. But the parents should be careful to tie the harness quite tightly and check its tightness by trying to put in a finger inside the harness. If the harness is loosely tied, the baby may be thrown out of it in case of an accident or sudden unintended acceleration.
  • The baby should be always placed on the special baby car seat facing the rear side of the car; till he/she reaches the age of minimum 2 years or until the baby gains weight more than 20 pounds. This precautionary measure should be taken to safeguard the baby’s spinal cord during an accident if he falls forward headlong.
  • The harness of the baby car seat should be fastened with a strong retainer clip, which needs to be placed at the level of the baby’s arms. If this clip is not correctly placed on the car seat, the baby faces the danger of thrown out of the seat in case of an accident.


car seat fitting


So, the parents need to ensure that the baby car seat is accurately fitted in their cars to save their infants from all injuries during an accident.

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