7 Good Study Habits to Help Your Child

7 good study habits to help your child succeed in the new school year.

good study habits


It’s normal for parents that they want the best from their children, especially with their studies. As the child ascends to higher levels of education, the school work could become intense and stressful. It is up to the parents to help them ease the pain of struggling with their studies to attain good grades. If you are a parent looking for ways to help your kids study better, here are 7 good study habits to help your child succeed in the new school year.

Help your child get organized

Perfect organization is a key to a successful study habit. It’s all too easy to be overwhelmed with all the homework, tests and extracurricular activities your child might have. Have a planner ready to help your child get organized with his schoolwork. This can help them stay on track by listing down assignments, projects, and appointments they must complete. You can also provide a binder with a folder in front to put his or her completed assignments ready to be turned in.

Develop a great Study Plan

Setting a goal can help your child develop better study habits. Developing a study plan can help them prepare for their exam to avoid cramming habits. Studying for tests is a great skill but for struggling students, it could be a mystery. Help your child develop time management skills and good organizational skills when studying by giving him a wall calendar so he or she can see his or her daily or weekly goals clearly. Assign topics to study each day leading to their examination date.

Practice Active Learning

Students should develop active listening skills by focusing on class and what the teacher is saying. This can be helped by good note-taking skills as well as having no distractions while the class is going on. Your child can develop active learning when studying by highlighting his or her notes and making use of study cards or Post-its to mark key passages and important topics discussed in the lesson. Always talk to your kid about paying attention to the main points being discussed in class and mark important topics where there is a good chance they can meet this during exams.

Assign a Study Area

Having a good study area that is quiet, well-lit and suitable for learning is great for studying. This can help your child to focus better. Advise your child to limit or not use cell phones or social media until their daily homework or study routine is finished. Studying in front or computer will only distract them. So providing a good study area for them can limit interruption and other disruptions while studying.


good study habits


Offer hands-on guidance

Help your child with their studies if they are struggling with it but not to the extent that you do it for them. Offer generous guidance by asking leading questions such as:

What information do they need?

Where to look for it?

Where to begin and what to do next?

How to solve the problem?

What did they try that worked and didn’t work?

By asking these questions, they will know exactly how to work on a problem logically which can help in their problem-solving skills. If you are particularly busy all the time, give them access to free online learning app.

Encourage Your Kids To group study

Group study can be helpful for your child to remember the class material better. It enhances their social learning by asking questions to clarify difficult points. Encourage your child to study with some classmates at home that is devoted to their studies. Make sure that the group is small and structured to ensure a better study environment to reduce distractions. Working in groups helps your child complete any homework or project more quickly than working on it alone.

Review Test-Taking Strategies

Examinations could be stressful for your child and can limit their focus to getting good grades. To help them lessen the stress of taking tests, teach them effective test-taking strategies. Certain strategies can help them manage stress and do their best on the exam. First, make sure your child is relaxed and prepared for the exam by studying properly. Avoid encouraging your child to cram before the exam so make sure they have enough rest and sleep. Advise them that during examinations, they should pay closely to the instructions given and not to rush to finish the test. Let your child know that it’s alright to skip some questions that takes time then get back to it when he finished the other tasks.


If your kids find any particular subject like chemistry, physic or math difficult, encourage your kid to make that subject a passion. This way they can get rid of their fear about that subject. These days, the best homework apps available on mobile phones can make their study of certain subjects easier and enjoyable.

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