Tips to Save Money On Your Kid’s Birthday Party

How to save money on your kid’s birthday party?

save money on party


Being on a tight budget is not any shame, splurging beyond the means definitely is. Parties are indeed meant to be celebrated in a special way but there is no written rule to break the bank. Thriftiness should be the order when you don’t have much to spend on the party. So you should plan accordingly to save some money on your kid’s approaching birthday party. Just a bit of planning and you could cut back on wastages for the party. You can stick to a moderate plan and still ensure great fun for the guests.

Here are some handy tips to save money on your kid’s birthday party.

1# Set a realistic budget

First of all, go about setting a budget for the party. Make a list of items and things to splurge on. Prepare a list of guests to be called on for the day and so on. The budget has to be realistic enough to cover the entire costs planned in advance. With a budget in mind, you can definitely stick around a point to minimize the financial burdens from the occasion.

2# Plan with simplicity in mind

When your budget is restrained, being simple should be the way to go. You have to drop all those flashy and fun party ideas your kid harbors and rather pick the ‘toned-down’ version of them. A big chunk of the party money often goes into vanity aspects and you just have to cut back on those. The more simple plans you make, the better it be for saving money.

3# Be frugal with party invitations

Having a tight budget calls for trimming down on the party invites. No need to invite families and pals when only kids can set the ball rolling for the party. Let it be an all kiddy joy and exclude the adults from the list. This way you could maintain the flash of the party and give attention of guests in a better way.

4# Choose party venue wisely   

When the budget is low, you can avoid taking the party outside. No need to hire a party planning company when the scale is at best modest. Rather, devise own strategy for the party, decorate the backyard or deck up a small portion of the playground outside and get the party going. Postpone flashy and fun party ideas for next year when hopefully you would have recovered from the current problems.

5# Get a right theme for the party

Don’t look for an exotic there for the party as it might needlessly cost a lot. Rather, be flexible and choose a theme that has shades of fun yet is not extravagant. Be focused on choosing a theme that goes well with the mood of kids invited as guests. Use more of cardboards, colors, papers and other similar embellishments to impart a funky feel to the occasion. Set a theme where kids can don clothes of superman etc. and add more color to the party.

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  1. I really like that you mentioned trying to keep the party fairly simple, so you can focus more on other things like activities and food. My wife and I are planning our twins’ 11th birthday party, but we’re working on a low budget this year. We want to be able to throw them an awesome party while staying within our means. Thanks for the information!

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