How to Prepare for Your First Camping Trip with Kids

Do you want to take your kids outdoors for an exciting adventure? Here are some useful hacks for a successful family camping trip.

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Camping helps the kids to connect with nature making the outdoor trip more exciting. But it also gets a lot more complicated because you need to make extra effort to watch over your kids, keep them warm, and ensure that they have fun. This means taking more gear, extra food and games. If you are preparing for your first outdoor adventure with the kids, here are some tips for a successful trip.

Choose a Child-friendly Campsite

Check that the site you want to visit allows children. Not all camps do, so you need to ensure that you look at their terms before you make your booking. If your kids are using disposable diapers, find out if you will be allowed to dispose them at the site. If not, you need to get a good supply of nappy wrappers to pack the used diapers a tightly sealed container. Also, make sure the camp environment will be safe at night for your children.

Prepare Your Kids for the Trip

Some older children will easily adapt to the outdoor environment without any planning. But preparation always helps kids who are going on their first camping trip.

* Practice at your backyard: Get a hammer and your tent stakes and pitch a tent at the backyard. Allow the children to play or even sleep inside it so that they can be comfortable with it.

* Do a trial run at night: Let your child take a night walk in the neighborhood, using flashlights. Allow your kid to get used to holding headlamps or portable night lights.

* Tell your kids about nature: Read books about types of rocks, pools, trees, flowers and wildlife that you kids are likely to encounter at the camp.

Focus on Keeping the Kids Warm

Remember that your tent will not provide the type of insulation that is available inside your home. Even with a 3-season tent that offers better protection during in colder temperatures, you must provide warm clothing for kids. Dress up your kids in layers and take stockings and boots that will protect their legs and feet. Take some waterproof dresses and pants. At night, use a sleeping bag that is lined with cotton or other non-slip material and a blanket. If necessary, set up a campfire each night before the kids go to bed.

Take Toys and Games

Pack both familiar and new toys and games for your children. Combine indoor games with outdoor toys that can keep your kids excited. Kits, discs and toys that fly such as Djubi balls, lighted multicolored LED discs and kites will double the fun. You can also take a paddle-ball set or some toys that throw water into the air. Don’t forget to charge all electronic games that can be played inside the tent in the evening or when it is raining.

Plan a Lot of Outdoor Activities

Allow the children to enjoy the best aspect of the camping trip by exploring nature. Spend time looking for wildlife, identify bird species and flowers. Examine rocks, trees, clouds and star constellations. Take a guide book that can help you and your children learn more about things they find. Observe the activities that your children enjoy most and allow them to spend more time doing them instead of keeping a rigid schedule.


That is a short guide on preparing for your first camping trip with children. As you go outdoors more often, you will discover more ideas that suite your kids and improve the overall experience for the whole family.

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