7 Scrumptiously Healthy Recipes On Weight Loss

7 scrumptiously healthy recipes on weight loss for moms who value time.

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Modern moms know that for a weight loss recipe to be legitimately scrumptious, it just doesn’t have to be home-made and delicious; ultimately, these recipes have to be healthy and nutritious. But just how do you know that yours can be called as such? How do you work these calorie-burning recipes right into your day-to-day menu? This post should enlighten you on how to do these with ease and more importantly, with less time!

1.) Broccoli and Feta Omelet with Toast

Finding the best breakfast that can satisfy and energize you at the same time could be quite tricky at times, especially when you’re under a weight loss plan. This all gets changed when you get to include this easy-to-prepare breakfast recipe. With only 15-minutes to dish this out, the recipe is very much decided to fill you in with filling fiber (that comes from broccoli, no less!) and protein from its eggs!

2.) Spiced Green Tea Smoothie

Are you looking for a healthy alternative that burns fat effectively? The spiced green tea smoothie may just be the one you’re looking for! Along with its metabolism-increasing component EGCG, this beverage can help you shed a hefty six pounds in eight weeks if you drink four cups a day. This smoothie is also ideal for those who have gone tired finishing a searing hot cup of green tea.

3.) Chocolate-Drenched Banana Bites

Whoever said that deserts couldn’t be that healthy? These chocolate-laden banana bites are a testament that you don’t have to be racked with guilt when consuming one. Along with bananas, all you need is your good old knife and a microwave to get this prepared. Go indulge yourself with a rich source of resistant starch and healthy fats that comes from the semi-sweet chocolate. Without you knowing, your metabolism is revved up just like that!

4.) Honey Grapefruit with Banana

Another recipe that gets you slimmed down in no time is the honey grapefruit with banana. You can either adorn your breakfast or make it as your side dish in your brunch with it. Grapefruit can be especially effective in aiding you in reducing weight because of its effect on the fat-storing hormone, insulin. This ingredient should also fill you in as it has some of the highest water concentration in any known fruit. If you’re planning to curtail the number of foods that you eat, this one should help you prevent from overeating.

5.) Middle Eastern Rice Salad

Are you searching for the healthiest, standalone meal? The Middle Eastern Rice Salad is not only filled with nutritious ingredients. It is also rich with protein — an ideal recipe for those who are trying to fill their stomachs sans that weighing-down feeling that comes with some fiber and other protein-rich alternatives. And this is all mostly because of its one crucial ingredient: those fiber-rich, hearty beans.

6.) Pan-Grilled Salmon with Pineapple Salsa

Looking for ways to include lean protein to your diet? A pan-grilled salmon with embellished pineapple salsa couldn’t be more appropriate than any other options. Salmon is known for its abundant, lean protein along with its rich, monounsaturated fats. The latter is also proven to be of great benefit to weight loss itself!

7.) Dark Chocolate & Oat Clusters

Another proof that desserts can aid you in your fat-burning goals, oat clusters that are laden with dark chocolate could be the perfect treat for you and your family. Apart from the fat-reducing component, the clusters provide two crucial appetite-suppressing ingredients: these are the oatmeal and the dark chocolate. The former contains resistant starch while the latter is filled with healthy fats that help on curbing cravings. Meanwhile, the peanut butter that holds this dessert together contains a satisfying amount of protein — all in all, it’s a treat one shouldn’t miss!


Your weight loss goals should all be equipped with the right dose of everything. From your food selection, supplements, right down to your chosen recipes, every detail of these should be considered if one aspires to get effective results from them. Best of all, time is of an essence in everything that we indulge especially with an aspiration that demands a visible output!

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