Porcelain-plasticine Windharp Easily

Porcelain-plasticine is one of the most versatile creative raw materials, that can almost always be used: during christmas it is an ornament, in the springtime it can be used to make a flashy windharp.

porcelángyurma szélcsengő


I have nightmares. Not just one, but probably the most shocking one is getting the most ideal, most amazing and most cool birthday present for a (young) teen girl. It has to be trendy, unique – just to make sure that no one else gives this exact present to her – and of course affordable (this is obviously only important for me, considering the number of kids I have and the number of birthday party invitations they get yearly).

There wouldn’t be any problems with getting presents if BigGirl was full of great ideas – after all, we are talking about her friends – and then, I would only have to choose from these. Instead, she is looking at me with a clueless expression on her face and expects me to come up with a solution. Hurray! It’s been a long time since I was a young teenager, and I didn’t go to many birthday parties either (I can remember two to be exact, and one of them was in kindergarten, so my memories from there don’t really help in coming up with a present for a teen). So of course it’s no wonder that when I come up with anything, she does not really like my ideas.

In these situations it is quite rare for me to keep my cool, especially because Smallest uses these dramatic moments to come up with his own ideas, and he loudly keeps repeating that he wants to play with plasticine immediately. Lately he comes up with this in every situation. I don’t know if he does this to make the situation more relaxed and get my mind off of it, but last time he did this, it worked, because Big Girl called me the most amazing mom, considering the birthday present. In other areas I am still the most evil and the worst parent that never let’s them do anything.

What do young teen girls like? If I think about BigGirl, they like to decorate their rooms with tiny little things. From here I got the idea, and of course from Smallest’s

Plasticine obsession, that maybe a girly decorative piece would solve our problem. The snow white porcelain-plasticine was a great start, we only needed a form. Then it popped into my head, that Big Girl has wanted a windharp for years. This is it! A sparkly, white, unique, feathery-pearly windharp is the girliest present ever. Useless? Yes! The perfect present for a teenager!

A good looking porcelain-plasticine windharp

porcelángyurma szélcsengő



  • Porcelain-plasticine (RECIPE HERE)
  • A thin strip
  • Pearls
  • Faux feathers

Making it

  • Make a portion of plasticine according to the recipe (from 20 dkg baking soda – this is one pharmacy serving)
  • Stretch the cooled plasticine and mould it with the help of a patterned rolling pin
  • Cut out an 11 cm circle with the help of a small plate, and from the middle, a 3,5 cm circle
  • With the help of a straw, make holes on the edges of the big and small circles (I planned on doing 12 on the outside and 8 on the inside, but I ended up doing only 4 ones on the edges of the small circle)
  • From the leftover plasticine, cut out 3,5 cm circles, do as many as the number of holes on the windharp (don’t forget to cut holes with the straw)
  • Dry the ingredients of the windharp
  • Now comes the decoration: hang the plasticine medals on strips, put pearls, feathers and whatever you like on it, and tie the decorated strips together with the windharp
  • Put the longer strips into the outside circle’s 4 holes, tie them together and hang the windharp!


porcelángyurma szélcsengő



  • You can color the porcelain-plasticine with liquid food coloring before cooking the plasticine
  • For colorful plasticine use colorful accessories
  • You can use glass or steel pearls instead of wood ones, maybe even small bells, so when the wind blows, the windharp will make sounds
  • A white, sparkly windharp can be used as a decoration at a wedding

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