How Do You Go Green?

How do you go green?

how do you go green
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Many home goods companies out there are trying to make it easier for consumers to make sustainable, eco-friendly choices for their homes. For example, hanging your towels up to air dry instead of using the dryer can save up to 2-3 kg of carbon emissions for every hour the dryer would be in use.

American Forests is a foundation that’s committed to saving the forests and creating a more sustainable life. From climate change to biodiversity, air quality to water availability, forests are at the center of the most important environmental challenges we face today. While American Forests is on the frontlines of sustainability, there are small ways that everyday people with busy lives can make a difference, starting in your own home.

Who doesn’t love laundry fresh from the clothesline? Coyuchi offers organic towels that are made of 100% cotton with quick-drying technology that allow you to skip the dryer. Arhaus is another company dedicated to sustainability, using only recycled materials in their furniture. Example: their dining tables are made from reclaimed wood, never using wood that comes from endangered rain forests. They created this graphic that shows other easy ways to make your home more green.  Also, for every purchase made during their in-store sale, they will plant a tree in partnership with the American Forests. Check out their infographic below on tips to improve your own home!


how do you go green


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