7 Handmade Costumes for Your Child

What are the best handmade costumes for your child’s first Halloween?

Halloween costumes
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Planning to make a memorable Halloween for your newly born baby? You are at the right place! We shall help you to prepare some lovely dovey Halloween costumes for your kiddos. This Halloween plan a family Halloween with the best superhero or retro costumes for a picture perfect family photo.  Get crafty with homemade DIY costumes that are totally cheap and creative. Get started with some old clothes, glue and scissors and come up with some really good stuff sitting at home.

Plan out a fun family affair this Halloween

Gather praises this Halloween as you prepare some crafty Halloween costumes that will reflect your hard work and dedication to make your baby’s first Halloween super awesome.

  • A Flowery Family

Materials Required:

  • For a flower petal collar: Butter paper, useless silk cloth
  • For the antennae: black cotton cap, chenille stems
  • For the wings: Bubble wrap
  • Black body suit
  • Yellow cloth

Let the mother be a flower and the baby adorable bee buzzing from flower to flower collecting nectar. Prepare a flower petal collar using butter paper or worn out cloth. Attach black chenille stems on a black colored cotton cap. A bubble wrap as wings and finish the look with a yellow cloth or towel wrapped at the centre. The flower mommy can put on her casuals with a simple flower shaped tick tock hair pin.

  • Dragon Costume


Halloween costumes


Materials required:

  • Red, green colored sponge (choose your desired color)
  • Matching bodysuit

For the mischievous crawling baby boy, try a dragon costume this Halloween. Create a dragon family with your desired colored bodysuit. Cut the sponge into triangle and paste it on the back of the bodysuit. Don’t forget to make the dragon’s tail.  

  • Peacock Costume

Materials Required:

  • Pillow form
  • Navy blue colored fabric
  • Brocade trim (3 yards)
  • Dark blue hooded sweat suit
  • Peacock feathers
  • Styrofoam balls (2 balls)
  • Yellow felt  

Draw a peacock tail shape on the pillow form and cut it out. Now trace the tail on two pieces of blue fabric. Stitch the edges of the fabric on three sides except the bottom edge. In the empty space, stuff pillow and sew the brocade trim to the peacock tail and attach the feathers at the back of the sweat suit and add more features at the front to get the perfect peacock feathers. Paste the Styrofoam ball eyes and the beak at the front of the sweat suit hood.    

  • Popeye-The Sailor

If you are a diehard fan of some cartoon character then try out a Scooby doo costume or a Popeye costume.  Remove some old red colored top and a cool black skirt. For the cool dad, a black T-shirt clubbed with a blue jeans, a small red handkerchief at the back and the Popeye symbol at the hand. The kiddo presented with a red colored bodysuit with a sailor cap, white socks. For a final touch, carry some empty spinach cans!   

  • Hot Dog Costume

Materials Required:

  • Baby stroller
  • Hot dog colored bodysuit
  • Cardboard

The main spotlight for this costume is the little hot dog lying inside the baby stroller. A brown colored bodysuit accompanied by red or yellow colored cloth indicating sauces. The mom and dad can opt for a plain white shirt and jeans, aprons and a server hat. At the baby stroller, attach a poster with a price tag.


Halloween costumes


  • Moose Costume

Materials required:

  • Cotton
  • Cotton gloves
  • Brow jumpsuit/bodysuit
  • Brown baby socks

Stuff some white cotton inside a cotton gloves to make perfect antlers for your cutely little moose. Sew the antlers on two different directions on a brown colored cap. A brown jumpsuit or bodysuit wrapped around the baby will give a look like moose costume for babies. Cover the toes with brown baby socks.

  • Clown Costume

Materials required:

  • Colored plastic scrubbers
  • White jumpsuit
  • White cap
  • Red colored socks

This costume won’t be suitable for a toddler, try it for your younger kid.  Prepare a necklace from the contrasting colored plastic pot scrubbers. Decorate the cap and shoe with different colored pot scrubbers. Also, paste the baby jumpsuit with a similar colored scrubber at an inch distance to make it look like a joker. Last but not the least; sum it up with a red colored clown nose.


These are some of the handful ideas for your kids. Let them cherish these moments when they grow older. Enjoy a happy family scenario with these handy, crafty, creative and affordable Halloween costumes this season. Hope you enjoyed reading.  

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