Are You a Helicopter Parent?

Are You a Helicopter Parent?

helicopter parent


Modern parents are very concerned about their children no time ever before. Now we can say that parenting has been completely changed over the last decade. The growing level of frustration among parents regarding their kids has increased due to plenty of factors such availability of basic needs for kids, education, and health and prevent all dangers of digital media. Today parents are facing more parenting issues compared to the past generations. Now parents don’t have time for kids to take part in their piece of activities and they only have the Google world in their hands, when they don’t find anyone to share their emotions and queries they have tended towards the digital world. Now the big problems may occur when kids come to the stage of adolescents, in their mind, they have a lot of questions, a thrust of exploring the world, their each question have some motive behind and when their parents seem busy in their daily lives. They have to tend towards their friends or towards the ever expanding media and having said that the Google world which doesn’t differentiate between the ages factors whether you are too young, teen or an old one.  

When time moves further, the young ones move towards the stage of teenage, they are always reluctant towards more freedom and choice of expression. They look their fellows that are fully independent in their decisions and they too want to enjoy the colors of life with their peers. They want the study with their friends and even sometimes want to stay in their friend’s place. They only want from their parents to trust them and encourage them in their every walk of life. On the other hand, when they face objection from parents they feel depressed, full of anxiety and freedom less. Ultimately, which could make them rebellion and full of anger.

Resultantly, it is very tough and breathtaking time for parents, neither they want to let children in danger and nor they eradicate their fears. They have to deal with young children wisely. They have to let their teens what they want to do along with their support, but they have to watch their teens closely in order to keep an eye on their children daily based activities along with their busy schedule. But having so many burdens of responsibilities parents remain insecure and do what they possibly can do to protect the future of their children. There could be chances of leaving such loopholes which may exploit the lives of the young blood presently and in their later lives.

At this stage, parents start thinking that! Is it possible for parents to monitor children time and location? Is it possible for parents can keep their eyes on their children remotely while sitting in their offices? The answer would be yes, it is possible!

As we all know that, the technology over the years has been integrated with the human’s DNA. Now it is not possible for people to stay with the technology gadgets. The modern smartphones are the biggest spy of their owner. Since the rain of technology in the shape of mobile phones has happened, a user cannot hide anything, because each and every single activity young children are sharing on instant messaging applications. They share they are eating with their friends, they party with their friends, they are on hiking, enjoying and celebrating with friends and also share the location as well on their social networking apps accounts. So, it is easy to keep eyes on their activities while sitting in their offices. Parents can come to know whom they are talking to on cell phone, social messaging apps and even parents can listen to surround sound when they are not using their phones. Parents just need to use the cell phone spy app. It enables parents to view all trendy IM’s logs, IM’s chats, IM’s conversations and media files such as photos and videos by using the IM’s social media of the mobile phone monitoring app.  Parents can get know their hidden activities and their whereabouts. They just need to use the spyvidcam of the spy app, it enables them to make short videos of the surrounding, they can use MIC bug to record and listen surrounding sounds and conversations and even can track the location children through camera bug by capturing photos through a back and front camera.


Parenting is the very tough job in the contemporary world, but parents can do effective monitoring by using the spyware app. This would help parents to give their children a bright future.

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