Furnishing Kids’ Rooms Using Natural Resources

How to furnish your kids’ rooms using natural resources?

natural resources


Your baby is on the way, and the time has come to prepare the designated room for the new arrival. If you are starting from scratch, apart from the design you should also factor in the materials you want to use in your kid’s room. Everything from wall paint to toys should be made of materials that do not contain VOCs and are safe to be around your child.

Most parents tend to be preoccupied with how their child’s room should look, with the bright colours, a lot of accessories and toys. However, they tend to forget about the dangers of artificial materials, toxic and lead-based paints as well as what can happen if they expose their child to all that. In this article you will find great design options for your kid’s room that all come from natural resources and are not harmful to your child’s health.

Walls and floors

natural resources


When opting for a wall paint, it is always good to go neutral, so that your child can later on express themselves by choosing the colour they really like. The important thing is to do your research and get low or zero-VOC paints. This way you will be sure that you are not exposing your child to any dangerous fumes. You can also play around, and decorate the walls with drawings or collages in order to make the room cosier.

When it comes to the floors, opting for hardwood floors is usually the best option. This natural material is not harmful to your child, and is safe for both crawling and playing with toys. In case you want to make the room even more comfortable and add a splash of colour you can opt for a light coloured jute rug that is made from natural materials. This type of rug can help tie the whole space together, and will also provide a great surface for your child to play on.


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When choosing furniture for their kid’s bedroom a lot of parents make the mistake of making it too baby like and then as their kid grows they need to replace the whole room in just a few years. By choosing light coloured wooden furniture, you can add colour with different accessories and still maintain the basic natural colours that you child can later on decorate as they see fitting. Adding fun animal-shaped drawer handles, or opting for stickers can all make the room ideal for a toddler.

In case you opt for a more colourful furniture, make sure that the paints used are non-toxic, and that they are of the highest quality. Chipping or peeling non-organic or toxic paint can be quite dangerous for your kid. In addition, you can opt for more natural approach to decorating by choosing pillows made from sustainable materials. In addition to the crib, don’t forget to also get a bigger bed, one that your child can grow into, and 100% cotton bedding is a must for keeping your little one’s skin healthy.


natural resources


Toys are so much fun to buy and parents can’t seem to help themselves, but they can also present the biggest hazard for your kid’s health. You have probably read about the dangers of lead contamination appearing in cheaply manufactured children’s toys. Most of which are imported from China. In order to avoid exposing your child to this, it is best to opt for natural toys made from organic materials, when furnishing your kid’s room. For example wooden toys painted with safe water-based paint, or stuffed toys made from organic, natural materials, that you can even make at home. These type of toys provide your child with more freedom of imagination since they have the option to make up games and combine different materials as they play.

By opting to incorporate natural materials in your kid’s room design you are actually providing your child with a safe and healthy environment for growth and play. That is something every parent strives to achieve. In addition, as your child grows you can teach them more about natural resources, sustainability and environment helping them become a environment conscious adult, who can contribute a lot to our planet.

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