Ways to Get Back in Shape After Childbirth

How to get back in shape after childbirth?

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Most mothers are thrilled when they first learn they are going to be having a baby. The first few months are full of excitement. Yes, they are exhausting and you wake up every other morning feeling nauseous.

Over the course of the next months, your body goes through more drastic changes and this is when your worries kick in. Is your body going ever going to be normal? Are your abs completely lost? Will you be able to shed all the pregnancy weight?

Earlier when there was little emphasis on the fitness and being of a healthy weight, it was accepted that women’s bodies change after pregnancy and would not return to its old self. However, the myth has been debunked and many celebrity moms and others are showing off their post-pregnancy bodies all over social media.

It definitely is tough – but is possible to get back in shape after childbirth.

Here are a few ways you get back in shape after childbirth:

  • Be in shape prior to your pregnancy

If you’re planning to have a baby in the near future. A strong body not only makes it easier to carry a baby around but it also aids the process of childbirth and helps to get back in shape after the baby comes.

Exercising before and during your pregnancy will build your muscles and provide you with the endurance that’s needed to have a healthy pregnancy and ease childbirth.

Exercise can also help women that have difficulty conceiving due to conditions such as polycystic ovarian-syndrome. Another group of women who struggle with conceiving are overweight women. Through regular exercise these women can get to a healthier weight, increasing chances of conception.

  • Breastfeeding

As a pregnant woman you’ve probably heard a lot of the importance of breastfeeding your child, along with how painful it can be initially. What you don’t get to hear is the how breastfeeding causes you to lose weight. You won’t lose weight as soon as you start breastfeeding but it can help you lose 850 calories per day. Bear in mind, breastfeeding will also cause you to feel hungrier so instead of indulging in fatty foods, cater to your hunger by eating foods that are good for you and your baby.

  • Exercise after the baby comes


back in shape
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It’s a known fact that life is exhausting after the baby comes but the lesser known fact is that exercise helps fight the exhaustion. Might sound strange but it is true. With regular exercise you build more stamina – something you need loads of after pregnancy.

Don’t begin exercising until 6 weeks after the baby comes. It will be difficult at first, which is why you need to ease into it. Start off with some brisk walking for a week or two. Get your heart-rate up and to work out your muscles a little.

In the weeks that follow, begin working out your abdomen and back muscles because these are the muscles that are most strained during and after pregnancy.

Find yourself an exercise regime that focuses on building your core such as pelvic tilts and dolphin planks.

  • Consider Waist-training

Many celebrities have credited waist-training for their post-pregnancy bodies. Keep in minds that on its own waist-training won’t help your get you back in shape. Using waist-trainers post-pregnancy a couple of hours a day, preferably when you’re working out and following a strict diet regimen at the same time will surely help you melt inches off your waist.

During pregnancy the hormones released in your body cause your muscles to relax; these hormones will remain in your body for about 6 months after the baby comes. A good waist-trainer will pull in these loose muscles and brace your torso. Exercising after pregnancy is harder because the muscles are so relaxed. A waist-trainer supports your torso and your back, making exercise much easier.

  • Spread out your meals

Anyone trying to lose weight will know that you need to be consuming more meals that have smaller portions. Try and have 6 small meals throughout the day so there’s never a time when you’re feeling ‘starved’. Have meals that consist of lean meats with sides of leafy greens. Avoid meats that consist of fat and cholesterol that can lead you to feeling more fatigued. Sugary foods may look like a pleasant snack but will leave you in a slump afterwards.

Switch up the snacks in your pantry by removing zero-nutrition food such as chips and chocolates with healthy snacks such as nuts, oatmeal and sliced fruits.

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