5+1 Gift Ideas for Baby Showers that are Guaranteed to Succeed

5+1 gift ideas for baby showers that are guaranteed to succeed.

gifts for baby shower
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There is no pregnancy without a baby shower. But just as it is not easy to come up with a great surprise for birthday, anniversaries, christmas or weddings, by a baby shower it is even harder to choose a very personalized gift.

The perfect baby shower present is personal, practical, and you can sense the caring in it towards the parents and the soon-to-be-born baby. If the future mom writes a trousseau list, then your job is easy, you just have to choose 1-2 items and the mom is guaranteed to get the gift(s) she wants. If there is no list, there is no need for despair either, because on the internet we can find plenty of unique ideas that are better than the stereotypical plush toys.

5 amazing gift ideas for baby showers

#1 Baby room decoration

We can decide to help with the decoration of the baby room. In this case, we should ask the parents about what their concept is. Pastel or vibrant colours, forest or animal print tapestry, scandinavian monochrome – every style requires different accessories, whether that be a personalized painting or picture on the wall, a pillow or an altimeter.


gifts for baby showers


gifts for baby showers


gifts for baby showers


#2 Baby diary/memory book or milestone baby cards

The 9 months and the baby’s first big moments are memories that every mom wants to remember for their entire lives. A baby diary, a memory book or milestone baby cards can help make everything documentable, the mom can put photos in it and write a few nice words to remember these memories later.


gifts for baby showers


gifts for baby showers


#3 Clothing

If you insist on buying cute baby clothes, take into consideration the season the baby will be born in, and choose accordingly! The 2-3 piece elegant sets are very adorable, but they are hard to use, so it’s better to get a few organic cotton pants and bodys or a few pairs of socks with a happy design, you are guaranteed to see these more on the baby.


gifts for baby showers


#4 Accessories for sleeping

A baby always needs a protected place, a hugging corner, where (s)he can sleep, rest or play safely. A soft blanket can provide amazing help for the mother: when needed, it keeps the baby warm, and we can use it as a cover when changing diapers, or as a playing rug, that will protect the baby from catching a cold due to its material.


gifts for baby showers


For the beginning period, we can also choose a swaddle that will provide good posture and a calm sleep.


gifts for baby showers


#5 Cutlery

Well chosen cutlery is important for joyful meals. The kids are no exception. The children who are learning how to eat independently should receive food in plates that hold themselves securely and won’t spill, even if the child has a few unsure moves.


gifts for baby showers


When it comes to feeding children, it is very important to be various. The plates that are parted and have different sections can help them get to know different flavours from the beginning.

#6 Pampering for the mother

For baby showers, most people bring baby gifts, however, the mom would surely be happy if she got something that was “only hers”! This can be anything pampering: a bath bomb, a massage oil, a box of chocolates or coffee, her favourite face products or any beauty coupons – whether that be a foot massage or a manicure.


gifts for baby showers


gifts for baby showers


The most important thing when choosing a gift is thinking about what the future mommy would be happy about. Pay attention when she is speaking about the baby, remember the little things or ask the father, and then you will surely bring the most amazing present!

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