How to Make Major Decor Changes to Home by Yourself?

6 ways you can make major decor changes to your home all by yourself.

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Home is a place where your heart is, therefore, decorating it according to the latest trends is the dream of all of us. Some of us might be facing budget constraints and find renovating their home a challenging task but what if I told you that renovating your space does not require you to spend a fortune on buying the new furniture items or décor accessories. There are some awesome DIY projects that are not only easy to follow but can also add a wow factor to your home each time you wish to remodel your home. Picking a timeless theme for your home style would spare you from the inconvenience of revamping it over and over. A timeless look remains as chic and snazzy as it was twenty years back. The flexible nature of doing it yourself projects enables you to incorporate modern décor to your home and help you to style your home impeccably. Enrolled in this article are six smart and easy ways that would enable you to decorate your home all by yourself.

Freshen things up


decor changes


The cheapest and easiest way to give a fresh look to your home décor is by repainting your walls and giving a new polish to your worn out furniture. This would give your home a neat and tidy look. If you don’t have a big budget, then help yourself and opt some DIY approach to give a new theme to the walls of your home. You can work on the little details that can make a big impact such as shining door knobs, neat and clean windows. The cleanliness task is easily achievable at home by preparing some natural alternatives such as washing soda paste to get rid of the dirty look. The best way to make great changes in a short span of time is by using DIY approaches that tell you how to frame time for giving the required amount of attention and polish to your furniture. As most of the furniture if not worn out badly needs maximum two coats of polish that would be enough to give them a new life and you can get the room ready for guests.

Give your windows a new treatment


decor changes


When it comes to interior décor, we focus on material accessories and ignore the architectural details that need a unique and beautiful veil. For example, giving your windows a new touch in every season would be more than enough to strike a new look to your interior décor. Windows can be decorated in a way that suits your taste and style. The best DIY approach for window treatment is that you spend a minimum of your budget on buying a piece of cloth, bring it home, paint and dye it with a confident stroke of brush, clip on curtain rings and hang them on your windows to give a vibrant scheme to your décor.

Update flooring


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The third easiest way to give a new look to your home while staying in budget is getting your floor rugs, and carpets washed properly at home. This would certainly add a wow factor to your home by enhancing the décor of your space. Moreover, if you want to hide any part of the floor that is either cracked or broken, you can utilize small rugs to cover the places. If you want to get rid of the carpets, then the best solution to clean the floors is also available at home. You can make a solution of boiled linseed oil, add some vinegar and turpentine to it and apply the mixture on the affected area of floor to check for the results. If you have porcelain tiles then getting them fixed might need some extra effort because you will need to learn the technique of cutting the porcelain tiles to get them replaced with the new ones.  

Make hanging lamps from Mason Jars


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Hanging lamps can easily be made at home by utilizing the available mason jars and giving them a unique and trendy look with your creativity. These are not just budget friendly lamps, but they are also trending on the décor charts that provides a new and sophisticated lightning scheme to your elegant space. Materials that you need for this project are Mason jar, cord set, light bulb, hammer and a nail. Buy a cheap cord & connection. Take the Mason jar, bust out a hole in the top of the lid, stick the light bulb cord through, secure everything, and hang it in your living room or open kitchen.

Fill your interiors with some seasonal plants and flowers

The other best way to add freshness and charm to your home décor is by giving space to some fresh and seasonal plants that can add fragrance to your space and give more of a natural feel to your home. If you don’t have many statement pieces, you can use big flowering pots painted according to the theme of your space wisely placed in the empty spaces of the living room or drawing room. These plants will act as a unique piece of décor and increase your productivity by lowering your stress level. You can place small pot plants in the kitchen, on the window sills, in the bathroom, and on the book shelve.


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Give your sofa set a new look

It is often a wrong conception that when you are planning to revamp your home décor, you should replace the old thing with new ones. Indeed you can give a new texture to your furniture that alone would be enough to give a refined look to your décor. Same goes with the living room furniture add some new texture to the living room sofa set by using a slip cover to hide the old worn out fabric and throw some beautifully patterned cushions in vibrant shades to give a trendy yet glamorous look to your décor.

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