DIY Your Own Eco Cleaning Products

A store bought product is not always the best choice someone can go for, especially concerning health and environmental issues. Do you know how to diy your own eco cleaning products?

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There are enough recipes for home made cleaning products that are not only effective but a lot more affordable than a branded product from the store. So here is a compilation of recipes for homemade cleaning products with every single one being able to cover individual areas and surfaces of your home. Several cleaning products, made by you, that are specially intended for their appropriate area.

Let’s first start off with the floor. When you have depleted the store bought product, recycle the bottle and move on a healthy and Green product. For your wooden floor you will need to mix half a cup of vinegar, a teaspoon of vegetable oil and one cup of water. Shake it up until you are sure that it is thoroughly mixed and it is ready for use. It is optional, but you can add a few drops of essential oil of your choice for a pleasant fragrance. This cleaner also works for any wooden furniture, and if you want to get some polishing done, the recipe is one cup of vinegar and three cups of olive oil, again shake it or stir it thoroughly for it to mix and it is ready for use.

Next we will move on to the kitchen and specifically, the countertops. Some countertops are made out of a type of stone that can wear off over time and it is not pretty, that is why Complete Clean Paddington are saying that you need a solution that will keep them clean and last for a lifetime. For that you will need half a cup of rubbing alcohol, a tablespoon of castile soap, two cups of water and to make it even more powerful and smell nice, add a few drops of essential oils. Pour them all in a glass spray bottle, stir gently and it is ready for use. The reason you should use a glass bottle instead of plastic one is because the essential oils and alcohol will start degrading it.

When you are done with the kitchen you can proceed to the bathroom. The cleaning products that we usually use for the bathroom can be just plain scary. So that is why, a normal, homemade, environmentally friendly product should be good enough. For this recipe however, you will need more than one essential oils which are tea tree and sweet orange oil. The other ingredients are a tablespoon of baking soda, two table spoons of castile soap. Pour two cups of warm water into a glass bottle, after that, the baking soda and shake the bottle for a bit. When you see that the water and soda have mixed, add the soap and essential oils. Measure the oils to be thirty drops of the tee tree and twenty drops of the sweet orange. Gently shake the bottle for all of the ingredients to mix.


diy cleaning products
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Now that we are done with making cleaning products for your home, let’s move on to cleaning products for your clothes. We all know how pricey detergents and softeners can be. With this recipe you will definitely cut down on the money you are spending for laundry. The ingredients you will need are sodium tetraborate, sodium carbonate and a bar of castile soap. The way to prepare it is the simplest thing in the world. Just grate the bar of soap and add one cup of it in a mason jar, after that, add two cups of the sodium tetraborate and sodium carbonate, shake it up so it mixes and you are done. That’s it. May your cleaning be pleasant as ever.

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