How to Plan a Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party?

The sixteenth birthday is one of the most anticipated occasions for most people. How to plan a sweet sixteen birthday party?

sweet sixteen birthday
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Naturally you must make it very special for the birthday boy or girl. For parents planning the sixteenth party for their kid, you must involve your daughter or son.

Organising this party can turn out to be overwhelming to exciting. So here are some mind-blowing tips for you that will help you to go through a smooth planning and a successful sixteenth birthday party irrespective of whether you are hosting a small affair or throwing a big birthday bash.

Fix the Budget

Begin by discussing the budget that you are willing to spend for the celebration. Involve your kid at every step and welcome their ideas and implement them. Like any other party, the sixteenth birthday party can be a big blow to your bank account if you do not set boundaries. That is why it is always advisable to involve your daughter or son in the planning. This way you can make them understand why you have to say yes to some of their demands and no to some others.

Determine the Date and the Location

It will be a challenge to choose the date and the venue depending on which time the birthday date is. In case, the birthday falls around New Year or Christmas or during other busy times of the year, you should pre-book the venue well ahead of time. This way you can avoid competing against graduation parties and office events. You can choose from a plethora of venues like public parks to hotel ballrooms, grange halls and barns to restaurants, sports facilities to dance clubs and even your own backyard.

Compile the Guest List

If you are worried about the guests being overbooked it is advisable that you consider sending the “save-the-date” cards through email messages. The guest list will depend completely on your budget. There are many parents who save for this day and invite hundreds of girls and boys. Basically, the more the people who are invited the greater is the cost. Consider the desire of your daughter or son. They may wish for just a close group of friends and family and may want to spend the day at a spa or a concert.

Invite the Guests

Send invitations at least, five weeks in advance. Since this birthday is very special, many people want to hand-deliver the invites. The birthday boy or girl can do it themselves or can take the help of friends.

Book the Vendors

The sixteenth birthday is very special and that is why you can always appoint a proficient event planner company to take care of everything. This way you do not have to worry about anything. If you are willing to go DIY then that is also possible. A friend can assist you to prepare food ahead of time and offer storage in her freezer. Instead of hiring a deejay the birthday girl herself can create her own playlist. You can also take classes regarding how to bake a fancy cake.

Decide the Menu

Try to get food that are easy to be had while standing up. This is because guests are more likely to be walking around instead of sitting for a grand dinner. One popular idea of a sixteenth birthday party is to have a lip-smacking and delicious dessert buffet. Couple it up with a variety of sweet treats. The cake serves as the centrepiece of the dessert table. The cake has to be the centre piece so that everyone can enjoy it. Cupcakes are also very popular for the sixteenth birthday.

The above are some of the things that will help you to plan the most awesome sixteenth birthday party for your kid. You can appoint a reputed party planning company that can help you with all the procedures if you cannot afford to spend so much time and effort for this. This way, too, your kid will get a party that he or she will remember for a long time to come.

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