Essential Camping Skills For Kids That Help To Build Self-Esteem

Although not many of us would like the idea of camping, it is imperative for the kids to learn several camping skills so that they will be able to survive in nature while enjoying the natural beauty.

useful camping skills
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These skills are quite precious although it is difficult to learn them theoretically. The kids must practice these skills in practical situations in order to get used to them. With more and more practice, they will be able to learn these skills without too much problem. Below, we have mentioned some essential camping skills which every kid must learn.

  1. Setting Up Camping Tents

This one is undoubtedly the most important skill which every child must try to learn. Usually, the toddlers take as many as two years to learn how to set up and repack the tents. When they see these tents for the first time, they are generally inquisitive to learn how to set them up. However, they are no more interested in this matter once they find out that the task is quite complicated.

As parents, it is our duty to restore the interest in these kids for setting up the tents. They might commit certain errors which might irritate us but we should learn to be patient. We should keep in mind the fact that one day they will mature as adults and they will be able to do camping on their own without taking any assistance from us.

In the past, the tents were usually quite complicated to set up since we required making knots. Apart from this, we also required sticks or poles to lift them. However, the contemporary tents do not require such type of activities and are quite easy to set up as well as repack. Simply abide by the instructions which are usually provided along with the tent packs.

While setting up a tent, every child should try to perform the following activities:

  • Find out the appropriate site where to set up the tent
  • Learn how to set up the base of that tent
  • Learn how to unpack the tent
  • Set up the poles for the main frame of the tent
  • Lock the tips to lift the tent
  • Find out the stick frame hole of the tent and remember where the frame was put in
  • Hook the ropes to the pegs to ensure that the tents do not get blown away.
  1. Repacking the Tents

As a matter of fact, it is much more challenging to repack a tent as compared to setting it up. In most cases, we tend to become exhausted after setting up a tent. Consequently, the children do not like the idea of repacking a tent. Nevertheless, it is possible to show them exactly how to accomplish this task without compelling them. One might not be aware of the folding system and it is easier to fold our own tent instead of the ones that we have rented. 

  1. Making Ready the Clothes

The kids can learn to practice certain things which are related to clothing:

  • Preparing the appropriate clothing for camping
  • Taking note of the number of days of camping and how many times to change the clothes
  • Learning how to manage used and clean garments
  • Carrying the clothing properly in the luggage.
  1. Starting the Campfire


useful camping skills
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Campfire plays an important role in camping. In fact, it is similar to a heater that we use in our own house. A camping will never be complete without a campfire. It is the task of the grown-ups to set up this campfire. However, children should also be encouraged to do this job keeping in mind that one day they are going to mature as adults. In case the kids do not have any experience regarding setting up the campfire, they should try to learn it from their experienced seniors.

  1. Setting Up the Electricity

It is quite hard to separate camping from electricity at present. In fact, virtually every gadget including the lamps runs on electricity. Without electricity, it would not be possible to use them. The kids should learn several essential ways to manage the electricity requirements:

  • Electricity will not be required in case all these gadgets are not used.
  • Also, make it a point to use appropriate size of power bank for all these gadgets.
  • A small generator will also be recommended during your short stay. The kids should put it on every morning for recharging and must not forget to turn it off when finished.

Try to encourage the children to get involved in all these electricity matters. At least, they need to understand certain fundamental things about it. However, the level of involvement is going to depend on their ages.

  1. Learning to Cook Simple Camping Food


useful camping skills
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It is a rather busy as well is a messy job to cook in the campsite. The toddlers must be encouraged to lend a helping hand in cooking which will help them lead an independent life in future. They should learn to do the following while cooking:

  1. Be Prepared for Safety

While camping, the kids should be advised to learn how to remain safe. We generally stay outdoors during our camping trip and there is always the danger of facing some wild animals of any size. Consequently, the children must be taught to watch out and be prepared to defend themselves from these types of threats. Here are several things that they can do:

  • They should be taught to put salt all around the tent for avoiding any venomous snake
  • The kids should also stay close to the tent at night in order to prevent any animal or insect getting inside
  • They should also make use of some medication or maybe an anti-mosquito cream.

Keep in mind that you cannot expect the kids to learn these skills instantly. In fact, they need to put these into practice several times. It might also be the fact that the kids do not like camping. Well, in that case simply ask them to participate and you can be sure of the fact that they are going to get used to it and learn the camping skills in the long run.

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