10 Unique Graduation Gift Ideas for College Students

Graduation takes you to a totally different world with different sets of people, disparate environment, higher and much more.

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Moving through hurdles and working hard for 4 continuous years, staying away from home is a big thing. It’s time to celebrate the success of being graduated or venturing into high school. A graduation gift is a must right! You don’t need to go far, scroll down for more.

Are you searching for some useful gifts for your friend or grandson who have just passed his graduation? Here, we bring to you a list of 10 graduation gifts for the newly graduates. These gifts are just a token of your happiness to congratulate your young teens who have passed or moving into high school. Hop down to know.

  • Sophisticated backpack or duffle bags   

It’s time to get rid of the old, torn, and crumb-infesting bags used for 4 years. Gift them a branded, cool backpack or laptop bags to put their laptops or necessary things to the workplace. Opt for Jansport or North Face that costs a reasonable $30. For the adventurous teens, a classic duffle bag would be handy for a short trip or to hit the gym. Buy a Patagonia or L.L. Bean for $40.   

  • Laptop or a Kindle

With everything turning into digital, a laptop is quite useful for the young teenagers who have assignments, study notes all, inside one computing system. For graduation and post-graduation studies, the laptop is essential for presentations, submitting assignments, etc.

The 12-inch MacBook costing $1299 can be the best graduation gift. For avid readers, the Kindle ($79.99) would be a good idea with a wide range of books to read online.    

  • Multi charging stations/ USB rechargeable battery/Bluetooth speakers/headphones

All teenagers are so much in love with their gadgets: multi charging stations, USB rechargeable batteries, Bluetooth speakers, or headphones (if you have a daughter, you can more indulge her if you choose suitable cat ear headphones for her).

A multi-purpose charger will charge about 5 devices at the same time. A handy power bank is a must-required gadget to charge smartphones at any time. Headphones – or kitty ear headphones for girls – or a Bluetooth speaker gives pleasurable musical moments that are necessary during extreme workloads. Find your desired gadget only on Amazon!    

suitable cats ear headphones

  • Chromecast

Chromecast provides its user with intuitive features to broadcast your Android device over a larger screen. It can be used to watch movies or music on the TV screen. Mostly used for screening movies, this excellent device costs around $34.99. The gizmo will surely give you lots of hugs and kisses!

  • Fitbit flex

Today’s generation is health-conscious. Gift them a Fitbit Flex so that health is maintained along with the 4 years of tedious study pressure. The small, handy wearable fitness tracker helps to know the steps walked, distance covered, calories burned, and tracks your sleeping patterns. Buy  Fitbit Flex 2 costing $99.95.

  • A weekly goal planner   

They need to plan goals and find ways to achieve them. Present them a planner to help their work be organized and be prepared with all college works. Graduation is the first milestone that leads to their career. It is important to jot down daily or weekly college works such that things don’t get piled up at the end. A simple planner may cost $35.95.

  • Medicines kit

With hectic lectures going on continuously every day. Consuming food from outside becomes a norm for teens. A handy medicine kit with all necessary medicines will help them to avoid on time rather than wandering around in an unknown place. Make sure it consists of a thermometer, antibacterial creams, cough syrup, etc.

  • Storage cart

A storage cart helps keep the room neat and tidy. It is designed to organize all your things in the layered storage cart. Preserve different columns to keep different important things. Keep all your things in the allotted columns so that you don’t need to run around to search for them.

  • Classic watch

Watch signifies the ‘value of time’. Watch is a normal accessory worn by all teenagers.  It serves the purpose of both noting time and gets a completely stylish look. Gifting a stylish Timex watch or an Apple Watch Nike at $369.  Find online great deals for a cool wristwatch. Even an alarm clock or wall clock would be a good option while staying in the hostel.  Attach a small note quoting ”If you value time, time will value you”!

  • Breakfast maker         

While in the hostel there no one to take care of the food. Present a sophisticated breakfast maker or coffee or sandwich maker that will help the student to have his morning breakfast. Buy a breakfast Maker from Amazon just at $37.74. This will be very much helpful to the student during examinations or hectic schedules. Coffee is a perfect stress buster.


These are some unique yet thoughtful gift ideas for students pursuing or venturing into High school. Also, gift them a small gift card to motivate them through the graduation years. You can even gift them handmade or personalized gifts like a pen stand or monogrammed towels to make them feel at home. Choose your desired gifts that favor your budget and make your kids happy with these cool gifts, it may sound insane but would be useful during the 4 years.      

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