Cool DIY Ways To Make Your Room Look More Creative

How to make your room look more creative? It is so easy! Just use some cool DIY ways!

creative room
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If you’re looking for a creative DIY ways to decorate your bedroom, you’re at the right place. Before you start working on plans for a total bedroom makeover, you should take some time for small changes first. You can find plenty of inventive ideas and tips in the text below.

Start from the door

You can inject a new life to your doors with some washi tape. Try with a combination of black and white, or you can use few warm colors instead.

DIY hammock chair

Handmade hammock chair will be a great addition to your bedroom. This chair can be used for reading, studying or just relaxing while listening to your favorite music. Feel free to paint the canvas in any way you prefer.

Decorate light switch cover

Another great use of washi tape is here. Use few neutral colors to redesign light switch covers in the room. The great thing about this is that you can change it in no time if you get bored with its looks.

Design your pillowcases


creative room
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There are countless possibilities of doing this. Do a little research to gather some ideas and start designing those pillowcases. Make sure to try it by using water colors.

Make a photo frame

Finding an empty photo frame should be very easy. In case you don’t have one, you’ll just need 4 battens, a few nails, and a hammer. Go ahead and make a beautiful collage for your wall.

Clothespins are great

You can craft so many items using regular clothespins. You may glue them around the circular piece of cardboard. Once you’re done, go ahead and attach some photos around it and install the mirror in the middle.

Flower lights

In order to make one of these, you’re going to need some colored cupcake wrappers and a package of fairy lights. Attach few stacked wrappers on every little light bulb and you’ll instantly get a beautiful glowing garden in your bedroom.

Universal pallets


creative room
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Pallets are so affordable but can be used for so much stuff. You can make wall signs, chairs, coffee tables and even beds. Go ahead and explore the possibilities.

Install some blinds

In order to control the sunlight or achieve more privacy in your special place, you should consider installing vertical blinds. They come in a variety of colors and materials. Feel free to redesign them as many times as you like.

No need for wooden frames

If you prefer, you may use the washi tape for making picture frames. Just decide upon colors and glue them directly on the wall. The most common shape of the frame is rectangular, but make sure to experiment with other geometrical figures.

Cool mason jar

For this one, you’ll need a few mason jars and a package of fairy lights. Glue the lights around or inside the jars, and you’ll get the fancy lamp in no time. Those mason jar lamps will do miracles for your bedroom.

Paper napkins

One of the best materials to use for DIY designs are paper napkins. Their colorful patterns look so great on all occasions. Get yourself a pair of scissors, few meters of thread and start crafting your new room decoration.

Shaped photo collage

Forget about frames, washi tapes, and other boundaries. You can create any shape you like by using just photos, motivational quotes, and random memorabilia. Go ahead and start crafting heart shaped photo collage above your bed.

Make your own dreamcatcher

creative room
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You are free to use any material for this, but you’ll definitely need a circular piece of wire. Once you got it, start wrapping it in different colored threads. You can knit the web which is closing toward the center, and as a final touch, you may add a few feathers.

Coaster prints

Revive some old memories by printing your Instagram photos on different shaped pieces of wood. You may use any shape you like, just make sure to protect it with one layer of wood polish.

Wishes and dreams jar

Take one simple mason jar, decorate it with threads or water colors, and start filling it with notes of your and your guests’ dreams and wishes. It can be really fun reading those at some point in the future.


Stimulate your imagination and creativity with ideas mentioned above and let your originality unfold. You don’t need much time and loads of cash to work on DIY projects. Make sure to call your friends over to share your skills with them.

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