How to Turn Your Kid’s Room into a Dreamy Haven?

Do you know how to turn your kid’s room into a dreamy haven?

dreamy haven


Your child’s room is a unique sanctuary, a place where they can dream, play, envision the future and journey safely from childhood into their teens, on the road to becoming healthy, thriving adults. When designing a dreamy, fairy-tale or simply a creative ambiance for your kids to enjoy, there is no shortage of blissful ideas.

It is important to remember that, much like children evolve, learn and grow, so should their room change its setting in order to nurture their imagination, foster their creativity and accompany the unique flair they are developing on the road to adulthood. Here are the most wonderful decorative innovations you can introduce into your child’s room to make it into a true dreamy haven.

Fuzziness is always welcome

First and foremost, fuzziness. Fuzziness is the cornerstone of any kid’s rooms, and it is one of its most essential elements that gives it that unique, comfortable feeling that will entice your kids to dream and play during the day, and fall safely asleep in the evening.

Without a comfortable bed to invite them into the land of dreams, and without plush pillows scattered all around the room to make them play safely and build forts and castles all day long, you are leaving plenty of energy unused.

Along with pillows and deep, comfortable beds, you can decorate the room with fuzzy toys the kids will love to snuggle with and turn into their playmates, giving the dog a much needed break, and allow the cat to stop stressing out every time it hears their voices.

Books, books everywhere

Books are magic, they are imagination itself and they imbue your kids’ lives with positivity, energy and purpose. Your kids enter the world of imagination and endless possibilities through the pages of their favourite stories, characters and pictures.

Children’s books help them grow, increase their cognitive functions, develop a critical yet creative mind, and they shape their future – just remember how Harry Potter influenced your childhood. So make sure they have plenty of engaging reading material to tackle, and dedicate every bookshelf to different stages of their life. Books with pictures and popups can serve until they reach primary school, after which you can slowly exchange them for more demanding literature such as early teen novels.

Arts and crafts for developing minds

Nothing speaks creativity and imagination quite like giving your kids a chance to create something with their own hands, whether it is a painting, a sculpture of some sort, or a simple macaroni and glue work of art worthy of Rembrandt himself – at least in their eyes.

You can introduce a small easel into the room and provide your kids with numerous paints and brushes to nurture their artistic inclinations, and provide them with plenty of interesting materials to mould and sculpt their own works of art, such as play dough, various colourful beads, marbles and synthetic feathers.

Imbue their life with colour

Imagine the stories and universes your children could come up with while playing in an enchanted setting portrayed by unique and creative colourings on the walls and the ceiling. You can easily turn a painting job into a fun family activity and paint the room’s ceiling into a starry universe, or an enchanted meadow with the use of quality ceiling paint and the creativity supplied by your children’s infinite imagination. Let them tell you their stories and ideas, and you can paint them onto the walls and ceiling, transforming an ordinary room into a universe of its own.


dreamy haven


Set the mood with lighting

The right kind of lighting in your kid’s room will set the mood for a productive, enthusiastic day filled with action and adventure, but it will also entice them to (finally) go to bed and fall asleep in the evening. Your kid’s room should boast plenty of natural sunlight, so you should invest in wide, floor-to-ceiling windows and even a skylight to let the sunshine penetrate the room as much as possible.

To set the mood for the evening, introduce warm artificial lighting, and sprinkle a little creativity in by mounting lanterns and light bulbs that cast a soft glow that mimics the setting sun – what was once a battlefield during the day can now turn into an enchanting forest during the night.

Creating a dreamy haven for your kids to enjoy can also be a rewarding task for you, if you remember to employ a big smile, some enthusiasm and a dash of creativity along with the right set of tools. With these unique ideas, you will be able to create a setting where you children will create lifelong memories.

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