How to Deal with Bedwetting in Baby and Children?

How to deal with bedwetting in baby and children?

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It is normal problem if the small babies pass urine while sleeping. However, it becomes more serious if bedwetting lasts up to 6 years of age. When the babies pass urine while sleeping, their mothers often scold them. It is the common mistake that most parents make. Sometimes babies or small children do it without purposes or laziness. Bedwetting or passing urine while sleeping is caused by a small bladder, excessive urine production, delayed bladder maturation, stress, urinary tract infection, hormonal balance or chronic constipation. After falling into a deep sleep, the brain of some small children can not receive the signals of a full bladder. In other cases, an inherited problem leads to bedwetting in baby and small children.

Some children have bedwetting when they age. It makes them embarrassed and unconfident. Some children with bedwetting problem do not want to take part in social activities or make friends with others.

Fortunately, some home remedies can stop bedwetting in baby and children without causing unwanted side effects or health problems.

Home Remedies for Bedwetting in Baby and Children

Here are the effective home remedies for bedwetting in baby and children.

  1. Cinnamon

Cinnamon helps stop bedwetting by keeping the body of baby and children warm.

  • Let your child chew a cinnamon stick once daily
  • Mix cinnamon powder with sugar and then sprinkle the mixture on the buttered toast. Your child can eat it as a healthy breakfast
  1. Gooseberry

Indian gooseberry is also known as Amla. It has been used to treat many diseases including bedwetting.

  • Crush two Indian gooseberries and mix them with a pinch of turmeric and 1 tablespoon of honey. Let your child and your baby consume this mixture in the morning
  • Mix a pinch of black pepper powder with one teaspoon of gooseberry pulp and let your child consume this mixture before bedtime

You should repeat the treatment with gooseberry regularly to receive a satisfactory result.

  1. Herbal Tea

Although infants and babies can not drink herbal tea, it is effective in bedwetting in kids. Children with bedwetting may found the tea made from oak bark, horsetail, and bearberry beneficial. You can combine oak bark, horsetail, and bearberry together and steep it in boiling water for a few minutes. Strain the mixture and then drink it twice daily.

  1. Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is loaded with nutrients such as manganese, vitamin C, fiber, vitamin E, copper, and vitamin K that are necessary for the healthy kidneys and urinary bladder. Moreover, drinking cranberry juice helps children and baby stop wetting their bed while they sleep. Let your child drink one cup of cranberry juice an hour before bedtime.

  1. Olive Oil

Olive oil is an amazing home remedy for chronic bedwetting in baby and small children. If your child suffers from bedwetting, you just need to apply some warm olive oil to his or her lower abdomen area. Use your fingertips to massage the targeted area for a few minutes. The massage helps relax the bladder and make the bladder hold urine longer. The olive oil therapy should be repeated daily before bedtime.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has the ability to decrease acid levels in the stomach and thus, reducing the urge of frequent urination in baby and small children.

  • Add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of warm water
  • Stir it well
  • Let your kids drink this natural solution after each meal to stop bedwetting
  1. Fennel Seeds

The fennel seeds are beneficial in retaining fluids in the body. Therefore, it is a recommended natural remedy on how to stop bedwetting in baby and small children. Consuming fennel seeds helps a child prevent urination in bed.

  • Mix one teaspoon of dried fennel seeds with one cup of warm water
  • Let your child consume it before bedtime
  1. Pumpkin Seeds

The pumpkin seeds contain slightly diuretic properties; therefore, regular consumption can help boost the production of urine. When the body produces more urine during the day, the child can know how to handle and hold the urination in bed by controlling the bladder muscles.

  1. Raisins and Walnuts

Raisins and walnuts are healthy snacks. More interestingly, they are home remedies for bedwetting issues. Give your kids two teaspoons of walnuts and one teaspoon of raisins before bedtime.

  1. Mustard Powder

Both mustard seeds and powder can treat urinary troubles. Mustard powder is often used to cure bedwetting in kids.

  • Add half a teaspoon of mustard powder into a glass of warm milk
  • Let your kids drink this mixture to avoid bedwetting.
  1. Jaggery

Stir a small piece of jaggery in a glass of warm milk and ask your kids to drink it before bedtime. That solution can cure bedwetting in kids naturally because jaggery makes the body warm.

  1. Honey

Small children like consuming honey because it is sweet. Honey is one of natural home remedies for bedwetting. If your child experiences bedwetting, you just make him consume one teaspoon of honey before bedtime.

  1. Banana

Banana is a delicious healthy fruit. Not many people know that banana is an effective remedy for bedwetting. Regular consumption of banana helps control the urge of frequent urination. To get rid of bedwetting, you just make your kids eat two banana daily in the morning and before bedtime.

Alternatively, you can add some honey into a glass of milk and let your kids drink it for breakfast.

Most of those natural tips on how to deal with bedwetting in baby and small children have the ability to improve the health of the urinary system. You should make your kids try all natural solutions that I mentioned above. However, if the problem does not get better, you should make an appointment with a doctor. I hope that you find the article informative. And, feel free to leave your opinions and feedbacks below the post.

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