5 Gorgeous Room Decorating Ideas for Moms & Babies

Creating an ideal nursery for your babies is fundamental to help them settle in and make their very first memories.

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Babies are little bundles of joy, they bring hope and happiness for their families and hold a special place in the heart of their parents. Creating an ideal nursery for your little ones is fundamental to help them settle in and make their very first memories. Whether it is about painting a night sky with bright stars and moon to boost the imagination and ensure sound sleep of babies or installing a rocking chair in the room for mother and baby to experience some bonding time when the mother rocks the baby to sleep, there are endless ideas for decorating your baby’s room. To help you out we have enlisted top five gorgeous ideas to create a beautiful space with a perfect environment that you and your baby can cherish.

  • Buy a convertible crib

A convertible crib may be a bit expensive as compared to an ordinary crib but it is well worth your money. A convertible crib can grow with your child as it can be converted into various forms according to your needs. For the newborn, the crib is closed from all four sides, and a three mattress height is maintained. For toddlers, the front side of the crib can be exchanged with a guard rail, and this small crib can finally be converted to a full sized bed for your young one. Therefore while buying furniture, investing in a convertible crib is a wise option.

  • Pick a theme

After buying the necessary furniture the next step is to decorate the room according to some theme. You can choose a travel theme, or you can paint some cartoon characters on the walls of the room to give a jovial and playful spirit to the room. A well-followed theme can increase the imagination power of your kid and instill in him the sense of adventure and exploration.

  • Wall art

Wall art is another excellent idea for the decoration of baby’s room. You can try painting a morning sky with a bright sun, a rainbow, and some birds by using a glowing paint on the ceiling of the room or you can paint a night sky with lots of stars and the moon. The wall art will catch the attention of your little one, and he will spend hours observing and enjoying the décor patterns.

  • Avoid clutter

Don’t over pack your baby’s room. Make sure you have sufficient storage units to dump all the toys and other things when you are done using them. You can use a wall hanger to hang the stuffed toys right above the baby’s crib to add a playful texture and manage the space effectively. Or you can put large storage baskets in the room and decorate them with some fancy, brightly colored cloth and put all the baby’s things inside it. A misplaced chair or toys scattered on the floor can become a cause of some accidental injury so make sure to avoid the clutter and never forget to put things back in their original place when your baby is not using them.

  • Lightening scheme

Ensure that the lighting scheme in your nursery is dim enough to mimic the night-time, this will enable your child to enjoy a sound sleep even in day time. This can be achieved by installing heavy or dark colored curtains or by installing night bulbs that have dim light and give the night time feeling even in day time.

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