What Your Youngsters Can Teach You about Life?

What your youngsters can teach you about life?

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Even though it doesn’t seem so, children know many things about life that most grownups have forgotten. Children usually have much more confidence, courage and appreciation for life than adults do, so what can we do to go back to that frame of mind? Here are just some of the things about life you can learn from your youngsters.

Be fearless

If you have ever spent some quality time with a child, you have probably noticed how fearless they are. They aren’t afraid to say anything they want to say and they’re brave enough to be 100% themselves. They usually don’t fear things that are not real. They don’t give up singing because they’re not good at it, they aren’t afraid to try out a new game they have never played before. They don’t back away from the unknown, they never fear being judged or rejected, and most of all, they don’t fear the future.

Be yourself and express yourself

How many times have you heard someone saying: “Are you going to cry? C’mon, be a MAN,” or “Sit nicely! Be a lady.” Kids don’t care about such artificial gender differences. If a boy wants to cry, he will cry, and if a girl wants to sit on the floor, she will sit on the floor! The point is, we should all stop caring about such silly things as what you’re expected to be and how you’re expected to behave. Men, if you feel like crying, then just let those tears out. It’s healthy and natural to express your emotions. Also, don’t be scared to express yourself verbally. Be like a kid and say what’s on your mind, don’t suppress your feelings and desires.

Be happy about the little things

Have you ever watched a child playing for hours with a simple rock on the beach, or a kid laughing over and over at a dog wagging its tail? It’s fascinating how they can see fun and beauty in every object, no matter how small, common and insignificant it is. As you grow up, you stop seeing those everyday miracles happening all around you, you concentrate on the money, work and surviving the day. Learn from children, stop and get inspired by those small miracles again!

Play and be active

Just remember those days of your childhood when you used to spend whole weekends playing outside with your friends. You used to run around, chase each other, climb trees and jump until you got all winded and sweaty. Maybe you didn’t see it that way, but you were getting a serious workout. But as you get older, you start going to stuffy gyms and running under artificial light. Riding a real bike or skateboarding can be so much fun though. Get some cruiser skateboards in almost any skate shop for your family and before you know it, you’ll be having an awesome time and breaking a sweat in the meantime.

Every day is a new adventure

When you’re a kid, time seems to go slower and every day feels like an eternity. When kids go to sleep in the night, they often fantasize about the next day, the new opportunities it will bring, the new friends they will meet, places to explore and things to learn. They don’t get stuck rewinding their past days like us, but are always focused on the future. Every day is a clean slate, no baggage from yesterday. Always start fresh.

It’s unfortunate that we lose that childhood innocence and grow up to be afraid, anxious and blind to all the little things that make life beautiful. Spend time with kids and instead of them mimicking you, try mimicking them and copy some of their behaviour. Soon, you’ll become so much healthier and happier than ever before.

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