5 Cooking Gadgets that Can Ease a Mom’s Life

Cooking can often be tedious and stressful if there’s a lot to do or if a meal you’re preparing is very complicated.

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People can even lose interest in cooking if it takes too long or if it causes them discomfort. This can become amplified if you’re the only one that’s making a meal or, in other words, you don’t have anyone to help you out. However, using gadgets can not only speed up the entire process of preparing and cooking a meal, but it can also make the job a lot easier. In most households, women are the ones that take care of the meals (not to discredit cooking dads and husbands!). This can become a problem when a woman is pregnant (and in most cases, the husband takes over). There are instances where you simply can’t get help at a given time, and you have to handle everything yourself.

In any case, these five cooking gadgets will ease your life and make cooking quicker, easier, and more fun!


We start with an old favorite. The blender has been in use for a long time, and without it, most meals that we love wouldn’t even exist. Such examples include smoothies and various other foods that require you to create tasty mush. Get yourself a quality blender that is easy to use and reliable.

Food processor

cooking gadget
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Food processors are very rarely used in households. People don’t seem to realize just how amazing and helpful they are! You can purée liquids, soups, dips, and even make your frosting or sauce. They are incredibly versatile and if you want an even better experience where you save some extra money, purchase one that comes with a slicing and shredding attachment. Also, they’re fairly easy to clean afterward!

Ice tea maker

Everyone loves ice tea and thanks to various ice tea makers on the market; you can make your own! The entire process is easy and doesn’t take a lot of time. You simply put your preferred tea leaves in the ice tea maker (or, more precisely, the infuser), and let it rest. Once resting, the leaves will expand and brew in the water. Then, it will get chilled, and it’s ready to serve. You can get one for as little as $25!


Multicookers were more popular back in the day (pre-2000s), but they’re coming back in style. I have a multi cooker myself in my home that dates to the 90s but, unfortunately, the heating mechanism has stopped working due to overuse. However, the new, modern multi cookers can last a lot longer and have many more options. They’ve truly progressed to being amazing pieces of technology. In any case, you can get one from Amazon for around $130, but it’s a 6-in-1 multi cooker that enables you to cook, steam, slow cook… We recommend this gadget. You can also take a look at a top steam-cleaner buying guide for some more information about these gadgets.

Garlic crusher & chopper

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If you aren’t keen on crushing your garlic and making it split into multiple pieces, getting a garlic crusher & chopper is a great idea. You’ll be able to crush garlic seamlessly, without breaking it apart too much. There are also multiple variations of garlic choppers, so it all comes down to preference. These gadgets are relatively cheap (they come at around $15, but you might be able to find one for as low as $10!).

Thanks to all of these gadgets, your kitchen will look like a high-tech one! You’ll enjoy cooking a lot more, and you’ll be able to do much more in the same amount of time as when you didn’t have these gadgets. There are many more gadgets that are related to kitchen work which you can find on the Internet so explore even further!

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