Virgin Destinations in Asia You will Not Get in the Standard Bucket List

What are the best virgin destinations in Asia you will not get in the standard bucket list?

destinations in Asia
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Want to visit the largest continent in the world and live your dreams? Plan a long holiday and start packing your bags because travelling to some of the most offbeat destinations in Asia will take some time. But before that you also need to know about some of the virgin places on this continent that you will not get in the standard tour itineraries. Missing those during your trip will be a loss for you, after all you would want to see each and everything worthy whether be it well-known or lesser-known. Most importantly, you have to enjoy your stay wherever you go and not just check in and checkout in one day. Interested to know the best virgin destinations in Asia? Keep reading.

Koh Kood- A magical bliss for beach lover

Location: Thailand

  • When you have a population of just 2000, you can expect the place to be really quiet and non-commercial. In fact, it has the beauty to beat any given beach destination in the world.
  • There are multiple snorkeling spots where you can enjoy the water life and also go fishing with the locals. The homely atmosphere will definitely make you fall for the place over and over again.

Hoh Xil- For a few moments in wilderness

Location: Tibet

  • Want to spend some time with endangered wildlife species? A visit Hoh Xil will make your dream come true. Although, this place is not known for its weather, but the wild yak and Tibetan antelopes will give you the thrills of a safari.
  • Do not expect any leopards or predators around. Not many people come to Hoh Xil every year and you can have a gala time as a wildlife photographer.

Rua da Tercena- The hidden gem yet to be explored

Location: Macau

  • Far away from the beautiful landscape of Macau lies the small city of Rua da Tercena. The most amazing and unique thing about this city is the way it is organized. Small streets on every corner and cluttered antique stores everywhere. This city does not boast of glorious sun sets or dreamy snowfalls, but if you want a home away from home, then this is the place to be.
  • You will find numerous carpenters making Chinese furniture in front of their shops and walking down the streets will seem so nice.

Terelj National Park- An un-touched and un-explored beauty

Location: Mongolia

  • Going to Mongolia can give you the chills of winter, but when you are in Terelj National Park, you will melt because of the heartwarming welcome from the people.
  • Still considered as a virgin place in Asia, Terelj is home to herding sheep and friendly cowboys. Besides your stay in hotels booked using Travel offers you can also stay with a local family in a ger and visit Yestii Hot Springs and Khagiin Khar Lake when in Mongolia.

The Wild Wall- The strong and stout piece of achievement

Location: China

  • Covering the Great Wall of China is a feat in itself, but if you can cover the lesser known spots, then it would be a different kind of achievement; something that you would cherish throughout your life.
  • The Wild Wall is a 10 km stretch and Mutianyu and Badaling are two spots that most people overlook. So, if you are looking to visit an offbeat place in China, The Wild Wall can be the perfect destination.

Covering the whole of Asia would burn a big hole in your pocket. Instead of visiting the most popular places, make a pledge to visit the places mentioned above. Your experience will be one to share with your friends and relatives for years.

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