Fun and Creative Front Door Decoration Ideas

If there’s a part of your home that is easy to decorate, then it’s definitely your front door.

door decoration
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Even though the front doors are so important and visible, many people, unfortunately, forget to decorate them. Those who decide to give them some attention usually put up a wreath, but why not go beyond that and do something more creative. Here are some fun and creative front door decoration ideas you can try instead of a simple wreath. Take a look!

Boots and umbrellas for spring and autumn

These spring or autumn themed decoration ideas are not only super cute, but they are quite easy to make. Simply get your children’s old rain boots, old or broken umbrellas and other objects that remind you of those seasons, match them with some flowers and ribbons and voila! You have a beautiful and fun front door decoration!

Letter monograms

This is a great idea of showing how much you’re proud of your family. These have been popular for a couple of years now and it seems like they aren’t going anywhere. You can be very flexible with them. You can make them in different sizes, colors, fonts and styles, and you can decorate them so they fit your door perfectly. You can actually find letters in some stores, but it’s more fun to make them yourself. You can use some thick cardboard or hardboard and start cutting. You can decorate them according to the season, holiday or simply find something that depicts your family well. You can turn this into a fun family project, so everyone can make their initials.

Chalkboard signs

This is one very creative décor idea. You can buy some blackboards in the store, or you can simply paint a picture frame or even a kitchen tray with chalkboard paint and hang it up. It’s fun because you can write all sorts of different things on it, and you’ll find it more than useful. You can write notes such as “Be right back!” or “I’m in the backyard”; you can let your kids draw and write on it; or you can write some funny jokes and brighten your visitors’ days. Possibilities are truly endless.

Creative artworks

This one is a great Christmas décor idea. You can wrap up some boxes, stack them and turn them into a unique artwork. You can also throw some wrapped boxes all over your porch or liven up your garlands and wreaths with little gift boxes.

Think local

If you got bored of all those pine, fir and spruce garlands you see everywhere, you can start thinking local and make one out of the greenery that grows in your neighbourhood and is native to Australia. You can also pick some wild flowers and incorporate them in your design. If you want to do something extra special, get some white bulbs to mimic the look of blooming flowers.

Locks, mats and colors

Locks, mats and door colors can all make your front door look more inviting and fun, so use them to your advantage. Paint your door in a bold and vivid color, but make sure it fits well with your house exterior. You can choose a fun doormat, hang up some creative street number and spice things up with some unique door knobs and locks. If you’re not that handy with tools, you can always call an expert locksmith from Parramatta who will install some new locks for you. You can also find a creative way to light up your entrance with outdoor pendants and other interesting fixtures.


door decoration
photo: pixabay

Now that you see how easy and fun it is to decorate your front door, you’ll never neglect it again. Let your imagination run wild and do something special for your entrance. Soon, the whole neighborhood will be trying to copy your décor.

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