Tips to Discipline Children at Home

Every parent wants a positive method to discipline their children and make them behave better.

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Every parent wants their children to be obedient. Although most parents love their children, positive discipline is required to keep children behave well. However, not all disciplines run smoothly and lead to the good results. Sometimes they may end up with only sore throats, hurt feeling and soaring blood pressure. Fortunately, there are a number of tips for positive discipline that teach children without bribes, yelling, threats and physicality. Here are useful tips to discipline children at home. These tips help guide your children to better behavior and strengthen the peaceful connection between you and your kids.

  1. Understand The Underlying Reasons for Childrens Behavior

Whatever a child does, there may be underlying reasons for that behavior. No children want to behave badly. The bad behavior may be due to the failure, the feeling of guilt, loss of confidence or stress. The parents should find out the reason why their children do that. When the valid reasons are known, it is possible for us to get rid of the causes and heal the negative emotions. As a result, our children will not make the same faults.

So ask your children why they do that. A child who is too shy talk unclearly; therefore, you can hear his greeting. Maybe your child fought at school as he was abused and assaulted.  Your child may annoy you because you ignore him or speak on the telephone too long and he wants your attention. If you do not care about your childs feeling and emotion by scolding him without knowing the reasons, that may end up with hurt feeling and broken relationship with your child.

  1. Control Your Emotion

It may be difficult to control the heat in discipline and quarrel. However, positive discipline and the strong peaceful connection are what parents need.  If you want your child to learn a valuable lesson and know how to behave well in the same situation, you need to model. Remember that hitting, yelling results in bad consequences. If your emotion is out of control, so is your child. He may cry, yell and hit without listening to you. Therefore, we should not do anything that affects our childrens characteristic and behaviors.  If you feel the extreme heat in that moment, you can count to 10, take a deep breath or walk away until you can control yourself in front of your children. Remember frustration and anger result in misbehavior

  1. Lower Your Expectations

Many children feel stressed and frustrated when their parents expectations are too high. Children whose parents have high expectations often lie when they experience the failure. They are not confidence to face their failure in front of their children. Therefore, you should limit your expectations that your children can reach. When they do something good, you should give them some good compliments.

  1. Pay Attention to Actions You Like and Ignore the Bad Behavior

Children act when they want you to pay attention to them. Sometimes, it may lead to the bad behavior that you do not like. What should you do? You should not scold them. It is better to walk away or play deaf. You children will know that behavior is not good and learn how to communicate better. If your children act well, it is important for you to give them some good compliments.

  1. Explain that You Are Tired

We are tired because our children act up. Why do not you take advantage of it? That is called the energy drain principle. The fatigue can be your tool to make your children behave better. For instance, when you are tired from a sibling confrontation, you can let your children know by saying that Wow, why do not you take that fight with your sister somewhere else. Listening to it make me tired and stressed. I do not think I will have enough energy to take you to the cinema after the meal.

  1. Remember Redirect Is the Key

Never use directives like dont or no. When your child hears that, he may feel down without learning any lessons. Instead of telling them what not to do, you should offer some positive behavior you like them to do. For examples, when your child runs around a grocery store, you should ask them to pick up the listed items or rearrange them in your grocery cart. If you child yells loudly in his grandparents house, you should tell him that his grandparents are tired and ask him to sing some songs in front of his grandparents.

  1. Do Not Bribe

Some parents give their children a cookie or candy when they behave and act well. However, that compliment is warned against. It makes our children misunderstand If you want them to behave well, you need to pay off”.

Positive discipline can help your children not only behave better but also learn the valuable lessons. Do you have any useful ideas for discipline children without hurt feeling and yelling? You are free to share your experience.

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