6 House Cleaning and Organizing Tips for Large Families

What are the best house cleaning and organizing tips for large families?

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Are you feeling completely drained because of the overwhelming task of having to clean up and organize after your large family? Do you feel like the chores are slowly taking a huge toll on you? Large families connote huge responsibility as well as work taking the form of cooking, laundry, general care, paperwork and house cleaning services. However, it is possible to remain on track and avoid getting burned out due to all this work by setting a large family daily schedule. Families are different and it is therefore essential for parents to come up with a good organizational system that works perfectly for their families. Here are a number of house cleaning and organizing tips for large families.

1. Better Time Management

In order to ensure that every activity and work in a large family is done completely and at the right time, a proper chore system should be in place. Coming up with a large family daily schedule will ensure that every single task set to be completed in a day is done. This schedule creates time for all the house chores to be handled as well as leave room for homeschooling, studying and socializing.

A schedule leads to a large family doing household chores together thereby easing the burden on one parent or member. A daily schedule works best for a large family especially when it can be done in bits daily. This will not only leave a smaller area to be cleaned during the weekend but also create more time for members to engage in other activities that bring the family together. A good routine ensures that there will be time for work and rest thereby reducing the chances of feeling overwhelmed at the end of the day.

2. Tackling Prep Work In Advance

Prep work works wonders in simplifying a number of tasks for any large family. For example, you can have your children sort out their dirty clothes by their colors to make washing easier. You can also plan out a weekly schedule for all house cleaning services in order to be well prepared for all the tasks.


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3. Family Participation

In order for the cleaning chores in the house to be handled in a smooth manner, you as the parent need to take up the role of a “manager” and not always the “doer”. You should include your children in all the chore planning to assist them learn how to take care of the home as well as become responsible at an early stage. They will be able to appreciate the importance of teamwork through their contribution. Every family member should be assigned a task that they can comfortably handle in order to make the cleaning successful in the end. This will see your family doing household chores together thereby lessening the whole burden within a short time.

4. Rotating Chores

Doing one thing for a long period of time is dull and boring and it could have a devastating effect on the contribution of a family member. Rotating the chores on a monthly basis would be a great idea of breaking up the monotony. Every family member should be rotated on the chores they can handle well to avoid the situation of having younger members assigned tasks they cannot do.

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5. Making Homemade Natural Cleaning Products

Today, there are so many things that people are doing on a daily basis that are destroying the environment. Surprisingly, cleaning has been added to this list as all the synthetic cleaning agents and products end up in the drainage systems before finding their way into the water systems. You can learn ways to making your own cleaning products at home that are more environmentally friendly as well as cheap. Using the all-natural cleaning products that you can easily make at home comes with added benefits for large families due to their cost-effectiveness. Previously, buying enough cleaning products that catered fully for your large family used to cost a fortune but there is a cheaper alternative with these homemade products.

6. Setting Periodic Deep Clean Days

As it is possible for a house housing a large family to get cluttered easily, you should set periodic days to carry out a thorough deep clean across the entire house. The deep clean will involve de-cluttering the whole house, re-shelving the book shelves and cleaning the microwave and fridge. The deep clean day should fall on a date and time that will be convenient for every member to ensure everyone participates.

Final Words

If you put all the above house cleaning and organizing tips to the test, your attitude towards house cleaning chores for your large family will definitely change. You will get to bond properly with everyone at home with your family doing household chores together. A well planned organizational system is the secret to cleaning up after a large family in a stress free manner.

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