The Unexpected Costs of Pregnancy

A pregnancy, before you’re even are able to hold the baby, can cost north of $20,000 if you have no insurance. But that’s not it.

costs of pregnancy
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On top of giving birth at the hospital, there are many other costs soon-to-be moms often don’t think about:

Cost #1 Maternity clothes

Unfortunately, as your waistline grows during your pregnancy, so does your need for new clothes.

Maternity clothes can cost an absolute fortune, but if you’re thrifty – you can probably afford to budget around $100 or so for the duration of your pregnancy.  If you think about it for a second:  Nothing is going to fit once you get too big, causing you to re-consider your entire wardrobe.

When I was pregnant, I had found leggings are particularly comfortable; in fact, I pretty much live in them at the moment and I’m not even pregnant.

Cost #2 Ultrasounds

If you require an extra ultrasound for one reason or another, oftentimes, you will be expected to pay for them out of your own pocket since your insurance will only cover a certain amount of these procedures.  Unless medically necessary or recommended by your doctor, you won’t need another ultrasound unless you want those unique 3D/4D ultrasounds.

Cost #3 Ultrasound photos

Everyone wants a picture of their little one during an ultrasound as these are considered treasured memories that last a lifetime. Touching upon the ultrasound costs, if you want more than the basic strip of pictures your OB/GYN offers, then it’s best to budget about $100 to $200 for a 3D ultrasound, plus a few dollars more if you want a unique book and/or DVD.

Cost #4 Craving food

Speaking as a once pregnant woman, having your cravings met is VITAL for your happiness. The cost you will spend on this food will obviously vary depending on whether you are craving dollar store noodles, lobster or something in between.

Cost #5 Bras

In addition to the previously mentioned clothing, new bras are also a necessity during your pregnancy. Your breasts will grow and change in ways you never knew possible, and unfortunately, your regular bras won’t fit or will just be too uncomfortable. For higher end maternity bras, you need to budget around $100 to last you during your pregnancy stage.

Cost #6 Medication

Depending on how healthy you are and any problems you might develop, you will likely need some medication for the duration of your pregnancy. This could reach into the hundreds of dollars, depending on your current healthcare plan and what’s prescribed.  Common medication prescribed can include Paxil, a medicine that treats depression or even medicine for high blood pressure.

Cost #7 Gasoline

You will need to gas to get you to and from any hospital appointments. Depending on how far you live from your hospital, this could be anywhere from $50-$500, seeing you have to visit your OB every week once you reach the ninth month.

Cost #8 Hospital parking

In addition to the gas, you will also need to pay parking fees for the hospital, and this could be much more if your OB/GYN has their office within the hospital. Your hospital might be kinder than others but some are known to be quite harsh in their prices.

Cost #9 Prenatal vitamins

It’s so important to be healthy with a little one inside you, and your OB/GYN will highly recommend you take a prenatal vitamin daily.  Generally, a bottle of 60 can cost about $15, but if you’re lucky enough, your doctor may be able to offer free vitamins on each visit, saving you a few dollars.

Cost #10 Giving birth kit

All of those things you need to pack in your hospital bag soon add up. This will include pajamas, breast pads, toiletries and more. I recommend budgeting around $50 for any hospital supplies that you might need when you’re ready to give birth.  Remember, you’re going to be here for at least two days, so it’s best to be comfortable.

Cost #11 Nursing pillows

I suffered from insomnia really bad around the 15 to 20-week mark of my pregnancy. Investing in some pregnancy pillows has made all the difference and something that I definitely recommend.  These pillows, depending on which brand you purchase, can cost about $35 to $50 for a good one.

Cost #12 Toilet paper

This might sound like an odd one, but you will use the toilet much more when you are pregnant. I swear, by the time I was about to give birth, we must have spent an extra $30 to $50 in toilet paper.

Cost #13 Eating out

Personally, I found myself eating out a lot more when I was pregnant. This was a mixture of not having the energy to cook and just craving particularly food from certain places.  Your results will vary, but chances are you’re going to order pizza more than usual, trust me.

Cost #14 Maternity leave

Soon when you leave work, you will be losing a lot of your wages. Since you know this day is coming, you need to budget correctly for this big change, saving more than average before the day comes.  At a minimum, you should plan on missing at least a few weeks after being discharged from the hospital.

Cost #15 Chiropractor

I required a chiropractor for the duration of my pregnancy due to back problems, and I spent around $100 per session, and if you think this could apply to you, budget for the unexpected cost. Again, your results will vary.

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Stephanie Lynch, a proud mom of three, resides in Gilbert, Arizona.  In her free time, she’s helping consumers find out what unknown things cost through her website, Howmuchisit.  She also enjoys walking, biking and reading.

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  1. It’s interesting that this article mentions ultrasounds as an unexpected cost of pregnancy. It makes sense that some people wouldn’t plan for these expenses although my wife and I are looking forward to them. We’ve seen a couple of our neighbors get 3D ultrasounds and think it would be something really nice to have in a scrap book. Thanks for the post, it has some great info that I’ll have to talk to her about.

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