Celebrate Easter with These 7 Chocolate Treats

Let’s celebrate Easter with chocolate treats!

celebrate Easter


Chocolates are the best option for celebrating Easter. Different kind of themed chocolates is in trends for gifting on the occasion of Easter. All these chocolates concepts revolve around the theme of Easter. It is the best gift to give it to your friends, loved ones and family members. Send Easter chocolate gifts to enjoy spring and Easter both with family and friends.

Discover 7 Delicious Easter Chocolates

Chocolate Peter Cottontail

If you are looking for something that you can add to your Easter basket. Don’t worry when Peter cottontail chocolate is here. It contains Easter bunny lollipops of milk, white and dark chocolate. Each of these bunnies made by hand and tied with a ribbon to make the perfect Easter basket.

Chocolate Zombie Bunny

It is the classic white chocolate zombie bunny that is made of white chocolate. Your kids and husband are going to be crazy for these chocolates. They have a very good taste and easily dissolves in the mouth. It is wrapped in a cello bag with a beautiful packing. Order Easter baskets online for your family.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Easter egg

If you are health conscious and still want to have chocolates, then peanut butter chocolate is the best option. The chocolate that too in egg shaped, just sounds so delicious. You can perform the family tradition of Easter egg hunting from these chocolate Easter eggs. There is the best quality peanut butter, put in these milk and dark chocolate eggs. You will really enjoy eating four dark chocolate peanut butter eggs and four milk chocolate butter eggs.

Ostrich Egg

The large egg is made up of almonds and hazelnuts. Also other chocolates come with this big ostrich egg that are made up of dark pralines, truffles and caramels. There is a tray of approx. 27 chocolates and hidden six golden eggs inside the box. You have to search these golden eggs. All these chocolates together weighs 1 kg. You can enjoy all these chocolates with your family members.


celebrate Easter


City Bunnies

If you love dark chocolates, then these city bunnies are for you. Enjoy these smooth and silky dark chocolate that will melt in your mouth. Celebrate Easter with these chocolates dashing bunnies. Giftblooms provides Easter gift delivery anywhere around the world.

Easter crew

Add the delicious Belgian chocolate in your Easter basket for your relatives and friends. The crew contains sweet top layer, funny cockerel, cheerful kick, smiling bunny and Kaczorek. You can gift the surprise basket to the kids, they are going to love this Easter crew.

Easter Choco Postcard

Each Easter box contains colored chocolate eggs, especially for this festive season. These chocolates are in the form of fillings and the sheet that is layered with almond and coconut. This pack is the best treat for you and your family.


celebrate Easter


All these chocolates are very delicious and attractive to gift on the occasion of Easter. You and your family will enjoy the festival with these sweet chocolates.

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