Outdoor Activities that Benefit Your Kids’ Health

What are the best outdoor activities that benefit your kids’ health?

activities benefit health


Kids need to get outside and experience the outdoors. Whether you’re letting them go wild in the backyard or you’re taking them on weekend hikes, turning their videogames and mobile phones off for a couple of hours will have tremendous benefits.

Not only is playing outside good for socialization, but it also builds up the child’s immune system and lets them practice their motor skills and improve their reflexes. Also, keep in mind that a happy childhood is the one spent in grass and mud. So, let’s take a look at some of the best and healthiest outdoor activities for your kids!

Backyard Obstacle Course

Obstacle courses are not just for making dogs look silly on TV. They are fun and functional at the same time; they can provide hours of entertainment for the whole family but also, they build a healthy competitive spirit and have positive effects on the child’s motor skills, among other benefits.

An obstacle course doesn’t have to be a hassle to make; simply gather items around the house and set up a course that will challenge your kid, but won’t be too hard. Enjoy some family competition and raise yourself a fighter!


activities benefit health


Blanket Run

Invite some friends over with their kids and have some backyard fun! Grab as many blankets as you need and race your friends while pulling your kids across the yard. The kids will love the crazy feel of the race and it will help them develop their strength and coordination by having to hold onto the blankets.

Go to Skateparks

Blading and skateboarding are all the craze right now, and with people turning everything in sight into skate parks, you are bound to have one near your house. Skateboarding encompasses so many health benefits for children and adults alike that it’s hard to list them all in one place.

Not only do kids’ great cruiser skateboards promote coordination, fast thinking and boost muscle mass, but they are also beneficial to children with asthma since they put moderate cardiovascular stress on their airways, making them stronger and letting them inhale deeper.


activities benefit health


Garden Dominoes

For some backyard activities, it would be best if you are in the shade, for example, enjoying peaceful family time, sipping on juice and playing board games. One of the best family board games you could play with your child is Dominoes.

Dominoes is a healthy game as it helps children develop their thinking patterns, improve their speaking and listening skills as well as work on their fine and gross motor development. The child will learn proper manners like waiting their turn as well as how to win humbly and lose graciously.

Dog Sports

A child should grow up with a dog. Every child. Not only does canine companionship teach children to be responsible, but it also has tremendous health benefits, both for the body and mind. It will also help them grow into a caring person. If your child has a dog (or two), they are probably very active, but you can entice the child to participate in new and exciting activities, like dog training and obstacle courses. Having your child take part in training their dog will help them learn that hard work pays off. At the same time, this will make them spend more time outdoors.


activities benefit health


Having your kids play outside can have tremendous health benefits and stimulate their creativity. If they are faced with various challenges, they will learn how to overcome them, while also learning good behavior and responsibility.


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