See How A Pilates Routine Can Change Your Life

Attention Ladies! See How A Pilates Routine Can Change Your Life.

pilates change your life

Pilates is a century old routine for working your muscles. Its benefits are many but the most prominent are the ones for women. Below are some listed. Ladies, I bet you to not start with a Pilates routine right away after reading these. If none motivate you, number 8 surely will.


  • Improve posture: Remember how our parents used to make it a point to force us to sit in a correct posture? Well all that was for a reason. A bad posture is responsible for problems like back pain and headaches. A good posture will improve breathing and oxygenate the body in a better way. A Pilates routine may help you compensate for all the damage done due by lengthy sitting in a bad posture.
  • Build long and lean muscles: The Pilates workout routine is so well set up that it works on almost every muscle of the body at once. This is a perfect way to increase your strength without getting an increase in muscle size. These exercises mainly focus on your posture and alignment and if these movements are performed correctly, it will result in a nicely defined body.
  • Prevent or cure injury: Pilates is one such exercise that can rarely cause injury. In case of gym exercises, there is a risk of getting injured if the instruments are not handled with a little precaution. But in Pilates, you are the least likely to get injured as the instruments are simple to use and also all the Pilates exercises cannot harm you much if they are done wrongly. Also, if you are suffering from muscle injuries, especially back pain, Pilates is a sure shot way to complete recovery.
  • Develop core strength and stability: Women are the ones who do a different kind of strained work all day. Also, they need a lot of strength during pregnancy and during childbirth. That is why women need to build up their core strength. Core strength is not just the 6 pack muscles at the front of the torso. It is the entire mid section including the abdominals, obliques, lower back, diaphragm, pelvic floor and more. Pilates helps you to strengthen your cores and also help you keep your spine in the right alignment. This will help you work more efficiently.
  • Strengthen the pelvic floor: For ladies who aren’t mothers yet, Pilates practice will help you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and prepare you well for your future childbirth procedures. Also for women going through issues like bladder leakage after childbirth, it’s not too late to start with Pilates.
  • Improve mental power: Pilates works to coordinate your breathing and your movements in a perfect sync and thereby improving your memory performance. It helps you coordinate better and also enhances your neural network activity and all you cognitive functions. Research states that by performing Pilates training continuously for 10 weeks, women could improve their brain’s alpha peak power.
  • Makes back pain to literally vanish: Back pain – A common problem for almost all around the world. Well here’s a cure ladies, practice Pilates for just 4 weeks and feel your chronic back pain problems recede. Pilates strengthens the core muscles and thus is so effective for back pain. Study says, a regular Pilates routine can banish back pain from your life forever.
  • Improves your performance in bed: Since Pilates strengthens your core, you tend to become more flexible everyone knows how good flexibility is in bed. Also, as Pilates strengthens the pelvic floor, it helps women experience better orgasms and make them last longer as well. If that is not amazing enough, a strong pelvic floor is vital for any woman wishing to get pregnant.


pilates change your life


Already looking for Pilates tips and contact numbers of Pilates instructor? Told you ladies that you wouldn’t be able to resist. Well then start already. It’s not never too late to take a New Year resolution to starting Pilates training.

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